Ahhhh Home again, home again jiggity jig


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Our first camping trip of 2009 was lovely! We dusted off all the essential camping gear, brushed up on our fire making, cooking outside, and peeing in the woods skills.

Because we waited shamefully long to book a site for one of the busiest camping weekends of the year (Memorial Weekend) we ended up at a State Campground that we didn’t know anything about.  It was Lake Hudson State Recreation campground.  It was a pretty place and nice for our first trip of the year, but  we probably wont be going back any time soon.  There weren’t any hiking trails and the lake wasn’t within walking distance, so it was a lesson in patience and creativity for our kids.  All I can say about that is that I am glad I packed a coloring book, paper, and crayons for the kids.

Patience in the "kitchen"

Patience in the "kitchen"


This was the first time in MANY many camps that the BG and I slept on a blow up mattress. MAN does that make a difference! We felt like we were in a luxury hotel =)   Our bones might be getting a little too old for the hard ground =) The first night the temperature dropped pretty darn low, so by the morning I had on the BG’s socks, fleece, and my sweatshirt wrapped around my head!! heheheh  The girls didn’t complain so I am chalking that one up to being old too!

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The lake was pretty chilly still, but that didn’t stop the girls for going swimming all weekend.


hudson 022

The sunsets were gorgeous!

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Most of the weekend was just what the BG and I needed, lazing around by the fire, playing cards, doing crosswords, playing the guitar, reading, and just general chillin’.  We did have a  raccoon “incident” one night though.  The BG had to go out with a hunting knife and scare them off. They were fighting over our garbage bag  that we foolishly left by the picnic table. I swear they sounded like a couple bears out there!  

 BG= Raccoon Hunter, my hero!!

We broke down camp in record time! Although we love camping it’s always good to go back home.

hudson 030

Packing up!


Later Gators!


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5 comments on “Ahhhh Home again, home again jiggity jig

  1. valerie says:

    Sounds like you had a great time. We went camping in a 2 bedrom, 2 bath condo! We are too old for camping on the ground. We used to love it though.

  2. Brenda says:

    You guys are so brave! Nice way to start out the season…gotta love the modern camper with air mattresses…LOL! Don’t forget the portable ac on your July trip. hahaha…I’m just being a wise guy! LOL!

  3. leta says:

    First time camping on an air mattress! Germany,1989! It was wonderful. Everyone looks like they had a ball,look at the smiles on your girls faces!

  4. Flatlander says:

    Wow … I remember those days … they were so much fun … whitewater rafting, camping, early morning coffee smells, best breakfasts in the world from an iron skillet, great campfires and wild stories exchanged … yep, those were GREAT times!

  5. libby says:

    What fun . . . a great way to kick off the camping season *s*

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