Oregon here we come?




I used to play this game never dreaming that I would ever visit Oregon, much less live there.  But times- they are a changing 

I have lived in the great state of Michigan my whole life, with the exception of a summer internship in Florida (which I hated..tooooo hot!!) So it is with great trepidation that I prepare myself for a possible move all the way across the country.

(The BG) my husband’s  department (neighborhood organizing) is being cut.  More and more foreclosed houses and people being layed off are popping up everyday.  My Dad was layed off a few weeks ago, but he happily lives on the golf course now and decided to retire a little early. Michigan is in a world of hurt. Unfortunately we aren’t even close to being able to retire early so we have to go where the jobs are. 

Go West Young Family Go West?

 The BG is being flown out to Portland, Oregon for his third interview on the 9th.  They told him that it is costing a fortune to fly him out so they wanted to get a commitment from him that he would take the job.  I guess that means we are moving!! YIKES.

I am happy and excited, but scarred too. The biggest problem is moving away from our families. My mommy and daddy!!  Maybe I can find a great golf course and my Dad will move my Mom out there to be with me?

Anyone live in Oregon that can tell me cool things about it?

Later Gators! Melissa

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  1. Screen Door says:

    Hey– It’s a great quilting state!!!! You know, your marriage will grow even stronger because you will only have each other to lean on. Plus– webcams…cellphones, email.. the world is a lot smaller than it use to be. Good luck ahey– pray about the adventure.

  2. Whitey says:

    You might be closer to this it is one place I would like to go one day.

  3. Pam says:

    My husband grew up in Michigan and two of his brothers still live there, so we know how bad things are. I have a cousin who lives in Portland and loves it. Have you read Alicia Paulson’s blog? She’s a crafter who lives in Portland and has chronicled some of the fabulous things to do there. http://rosylittlethings.typepad.com/. Good luck!

  4. terry cortez says:

    omg… what a great adventure awakes you and your family. Your girls will love the Pacific Ocean. Just think the fun when your family visits. Oregon has some great quilt shops and of course there is Sisters. I’m down the road abit in So. California.
    luv – Terry

  5. James Mason says:

    You should talk to Ross — he’s been out there for quite some time. I visited there a few years ago and it was amazing — I’d totally move there if the opportunity came up. Portland is a fantastic city.

  6. Flatlander says:

    What part of Oregon? I lived in Oregon City (a “suburb” of Portland) for awhile and LOVED it. The southern part of Oregon, as you go into Northern California is so absolutely gorgeous with all the mountains, pine trees (Mt. Shasta in Northern CA is amazing ~ think GREAT camping sites). You’re a hop/skip/jump from the Pacific Ocean and you absolutely MUST “Google” Astoria to see a place where time has stood still. Mt. Hood (huge ski resort to the East of Portland) is where Timberline Ridge is located (they filmed “The Shining” there … gorgeous). Baker, OR (middle of the State, I believe) is where they filmed “Paint Your Wagon” (a great family movie). Ocean, mountains, camping, fishing, hiking plus an INCREDIBLE quilt community awaits you. I moved back to the Midwest (Northern IL) and lived most of my adult life there … my DH was transferred to Pittsburgh, PA 10 years ago and we had great emotional turmoil leaving family (our moms were elderly) and all our friends. Remember that you are only a few hours (via plane) away from them … you will miss them, they will miss you but the time you spend visiting each other is even more intense because you focus totally on it. Things happen for reasons … not ones we always understand … this is a step (albiet a big one) and you will know, if your heart, if it is the right one for you, BG and the girls. God bless and keep us posted … it’s very, very exciting!

  7. Flatlander says:

    Sorry … I should have included this link in my last post … it’s about Astoria, OR … the oldest town west of the Rockies … Lewis & Clark’s journey ended here!


  8. Lauralee Spence says:

    Just found your great blog~~~best of luck on your move to Oregon. I have a question about one of your previous posts (last year). You had a fabulous picture of applique flower pots you mounted in a window and you mentioned these were from the book Window Quilts. Could you tell me the author of the book, etc.? I love the window you made with the applique blocks and would love to do the same with an old window or two that I have. Many thanks in advance!
    Lauralee >^.^<

  9. Ruth says:

    Our oldest son lives there and we plan to move there after I retire at the end of this year (and when we sell our house). We love it there. It’s not as hot as Texas, that’s for sure. It’s beautiful too. My DS lives in Dayton, about one hour south of Portland. It’s a tiny little town. If you check out my blog for around the end of March or the beginning of April, I have some pictures of our trip and a really neat visit I had with a famous doll maker in Oregon City. Good Luck!

  10. Judy in Michigan says:

    Check out…
    She lives in Bend, Oregon.

    I don’t know much about Oregon other than it is very beautiful!! Best wishes.

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