Greetings from not much going on land!


I have been experiencing what is known around these parts as, I don’t feel like doing anything days.

All my quilting projects are in stages where I have intense hand applique. I can’t say I feel like doing hand applique due to the above mentioned syndrome.

My pile of laundry needs to be done, but that too falls under the catagory of doing something, so I think I will skip it! LOL

Thanks to the BG wanting to listen to books on tape in the sewing room last night I did go up there and do a little something- something.

I pulled a bag out of the depths of my scrap box and found these two little projects that I started ….oh…..about 5 or so years ago.  I got the tops finished up and will probably quilt them today.

A table topper:



A table runner:

gghhjjkkk 002


And if I can recover from my “don’t make me do any work” problem I may start the applique vines on my garden girls:

gghhjjkkk 003


Or I could just watch movies???


Later Gators! Melissa

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2 comments on “Greetings from not much going on land!

  1. Jeanette says:

    If you feel like just watching movies, than do that! 🙂 I LOVE your gardening girls quilt!! I’m going to have to get that book.

  2. Stefanie says:

    I vote for movie night or some good old fashioned “mindless” tv!

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