Decision Time

The BG is back from Portland. He said that it was a pretty cool place, very similar to Ann Arbor where we met and fell in love.  The interview was a bit exhausting as it was them observing him “in the field” on some of the appointments he had set up from Michigan.  Now we wait to hear back from them, check out their offer, and decided if we want to move.  The BG is sounding a bit sceptical and very indecisive, which is killing me.  I always make my decisions in a  “spur of the moment” , “extremely impulsive” sort of way.  But not the BG.  He really likes to  intensely think things through….well good for him.  Glad it’s not me making the final decision, just tell me when it’s over! LOL

He took lots of photos for me of our potential new home and here are a few:

The Saturday Market:

Portland 055


where he bought the kids and I some interesting bits ( i will share later)

Riding the Max over the Willamette River:

Portland 051

He hung out with a couple college friends of mine on Saturday and as they were driving he encountered the Naked Bicyclists!! He made Gretchen drive back around so he could get a picture for me! LOL I am purposly showing the “long distance shot” as to not offend anyone. =)

Portland 061


Meanwhile back at the homestead…….

I finished up this little Joined at the Hip button up pattern and promptly hung it on the Lussier Townhouse door for flag day! I decided to leave off the “july” letters and used wool bits for the applique.

bloggityb 006


I also stitched up the Sampler kit I got from Primitive Gatherings.  The birds still need legs and eyes, but I just had to check out how it would look in my $7.oo frame..SCORE!! It’s actually pretty big, about 20 x 24 with frame.

bloggityb 001


And last ,but not least I recieved my AWESOME pattern and pattern folder from Kim’s giveaway at

I love it! Can’t wait to make it. =) Thank you so much Kim!!

bloggityb 008

bloggityb 009


Later Gators! Melissa

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  1. Libby says:

    Hope the decision making step comes soon . . . . it’s the pins and needles waiting that feels like torture *s*

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