my sweet BG

The brooding genius and I have date nights on Tuesday.  His mom watches the kids and we go do something….anything.  It’s a throw back to the days when it was just he and I for soooo long before the kiddies came to live.  Most Tuesdays we just go have a few “adult drinks” at a pub or one of our favorite restaurants where we can sit outside on the deck by the lake.

But some Tuesdays he will have something up his sleeve, like yesterday!

He had left work a little early and had set up a little picnic for us in the woods.  Complete with sun tea, flowers, and of course chocolate!  Then he came to pick me up and surprised me. When we drove up it was all ready to go!

bloggityb 010


But that wasn’t all he had planned! A little after dinner badminton game anyone?  We played two games…I lost both, but I gave him a run for his money!

bloggityb 011


Isn’t life grand? I love Tuesdays and I love you Chris!

later gators, melissa

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2 comments on “my sweet BG

  1. simplylibby says:

    That’s my kinda date *s*

  2. Brenda says:

    OMG! If you die, I’ve got first dibs on the BG! LOL! YOu can have mine now, no need to wait for me to croak…he is low maint. but I like yours better, he is “romantic”…ahhhhh… mine thinks romance is ordering fruit baskets online and having them delivered. Then, when he gets home he asks,”so where are the chocolate covered strawberries I ordered for you”, LOL! Oh, and yes, then he proceeds to eat his favorites. I just have to laugh. He might not be romantic but he would keep you amused, hahaha!!!

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