Decision Made~!


I just found out…..He Took The Job!

It is contingent on whether we get permission from the court to move our youngest out of state.  If all goes well with that (trial date in July) then we will be moving late July.  Will someone hold me ? I’m scared and excited!

Anyone know of a great moving company? Suggestions appreciated.


I have had the WORST book luck lately. For about that last 3 months I haven’t been able to pick a good book. I either can’t get through them because they are incredibly boring, or badly written, or just plain yuck.  Anyone else ever go through a book rut? Maybe it was just my mood or something? I was beginning to think I didn’t love to read anymore.  But FINALLY!! I picked a winner.

I just finished reading this little gem last night:  The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen

It was so sweet. 5 thumbs up!

bloggityb 028

I went to my beloved old work place today and visted with Ruth. I picked up two books that I had to add to the ole quilt library:

bloggityb 027


And in the sewing room I started working on quilts for the girls beds from both the Sweet and Swanky jell rolls.

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Lastly I wanted to show you one of the funny things the BG got for me at the street market in Portland.

A little flower pin that says, ” Talk nerdy to me.”

He is such a lovable nerd!

bloggityb 025


Oh and here is Patience modeling some of the stuff he picked up for the girls. I am telling ya the man is top of the class in weird gift giving!!

bloggityb 014

later gators! melissa

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8 comments on “Decision Made~!

  1. Judy in Michigan says:

    When we moved from Gaylord to Rochester, we used United Van Lines (from Traverse City) – they were very good. On time, nothing broken or missing. I’ve read that Mayflower is a good company also but I think it depends on your local owner. Good Luck!

  2. Flatlander says:

    When we moved to Pittsburgh from the Northern Illinois/Chicago area the company paid for our move. Are they paying to relocate you? If so, they probably have relocation people in their HR Department who should give you a heads up. Otherwise they might just tell you to get two or three bids from national movers and provide info to them … they get to pick if they’re picking up the tab. Moving cross country CAN be very expensive (depending on how much stuff you have, if they pack it, if you pack it, how much insurance you need on things, etc.) United Van Lines did our move to Pittsburgh and we were very pleased … they packed everything, moved it here and unloaded (we chose to unpack boxes are our leisure) but they did set up the beds, etc. when we arrived at our new place so at least the first night we could collapse. Give thought to WHAT you’re moving, particularly if you’re going to pay for it. Appliances do NOT move well … if they’re older and due for replacement you’re better off selling them or including them in sale of your house and getting new when you arrive at destination. Mattresses? They should be replaced every 10 years (at least) or when they start to “breakdown” (read: you roll to the middle) … don’t move those, get new when you arrive. We had several HUGE garage sales before we moved and used the $$ we made to purchase items we needed/wanted at the other end. Give that serious consideration. Good luck … it’s scary, exciting and un-nerving … but Portland is a wonderful city … if you liked Ann Arbor, you will love Portland. We’re looking to retiring in the Traverse City area in about 2 years … can’t wait!!

  3. Flatlander says:

    Oh, one additional comment about moving … pack some sheets, towels and things you need to “live” on for a week or so … the van will arrive AFTER you do so you can at least “camp” out in your new place … a few dishes, pots/pans … just those items you’ll need for a few days so you’re not eating out every meal. Like packing to travel on a trip but taking some household items along as well 😉 It can be an adventure for you and the girls!

  4. Dawn Heese says:

    The Sugar Queen is one of my favorites. Make sure you also read Garden Spells by the same author. It is Fabulous. I am waiting for her next book but the release has been moved back to Spring2010.

  5. Ginny says:

    Contgrats on the new job! I wish I could give you advice on the move, but I don’t do that too often, and when I did I was much much younger with out children so did it myself. I can say that you will love living on the west coast, Oregon is very wet and moist and rainy and green. (please tell me I am remembering correctly that the new job is in Oregon)
    Good luck with the court date, I will keep you in my prayers that all goes smoothly for you.

  6. Libby says:

    Congrats! Hope everything goes smoothly for you. We are knee deep in sorting out some of the same issues here *s*

  7. Tammy says:

    Hi Melissa, I hope all goes well with the trial and you don’t have any problems. Whatever the outcome it was meant to be and as long as you have your girls, the world is right. I love Sarah Addison Allen, she has another book too that is awesome. Also try a book titled “A Single Thread” by Marie Bostwick, I really enjoyed it. If you move to Oregon, perhaps we will have a chance to meet someday. Good luck and esp. good luck with moving companies, I’ve never had to move far, so never had to use one.

  8. Brenda says:

    I’m so excited for you. I just know things will work out; just have a little faith and know that I’m saying a little prayer for you too!
    I bought you something at the Vermont Quilt Festival, I just couldn’t help myself so send me your address, again. Hurry, before I put it “in a safe place”…you know how “safe” that really is! LOL!B=)

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