Dad’s ROCK!

Happy Fathers day to the two very best Dad’s in the whole world!

#1 My Daddy and  #2 The BG ,the father of my children


To my Daddy:


Thank you for being the funniest person I know and giving me my slightly perverted sense of humor!

Thank you for always being the one that can comfort me and making me feel safe like no one else can.

Thank you for always taking the very best care of  our whole family.

Thank you for singing John Denver really loud with me in the car.

Thank you for raising Mark and I in the church and for teaching us to love God.

Thank you for making me every stick of furniture I own, and for spoiling me rotten with all your wonderful woodworking talents!!

Thank you for paying for my college education and providing me with soooo much over the years.

You are the most generous, loving, wonderful Dad on the planet

I love you big as the sky!


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One comment on “Dad’s ROCK!

  1. Flatlander says:

    Melissa ~ you are so blessed to have your dad with you and to have the opportunity to say such beautiful things to him. 22 years ago (just before Father’s Day) I lost my dad … not a single day goes by that I don’t think of him. I often feel his presence near me and I know that when I need him the most he’s always right there. Happy Father’s Dad to ALL dads!

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