Of Misplaced Teeth and Other Things.


It’s been so exciting around here the last few days! Why you ask?

Because my little Minate has (or had) two loose teeth. The BIG ONES. The two front teeth. Now I am very excited about this because as you may recall she had to have 4 of her baby teeth on the bottom pulled by the dentist.  I felt a little robbed as she is my baby girl and I won’t get a chance to go through the whole “pull my teeth” thing anymore!!!  Patience lost hers long ago and I was waaaay too chicken to pull hers. She pulled them herself!! Can you imagine??

Being a very brave Minate,  she asked me to pull her tooth yesterday. Being a very brave Mommy, and ever the family historian I went to grab my camera for one last picture of her baby teeth. It’s the one on the left just sort of hanging there.

bloggityb 001


You would have thought that sucker would have just popped out in my hand. NOT SO! I pulled as best I could, but it didn’t come out. I thought perhaps the tooth was too slippery so I got our splinter tweezers out and gave that a go. Nope. Dad got home, he tried…but still it would not come out.  We told her to wait another day.

So tonight while visiting Aunt Andrea’s house and whilst I was busy doing other things,  my Mother-in-law pulled it out!!  Darn her, I didn’t even get to watch!!!  ‘Te came running over to me with a bloody stump where her little baby tooth used to be!! I helped her rinse her mouth, and Aunt Andrea got her a ziplock baggie to store the tooth for safe keeping until we could bring it home and put in under the pillow for the tooth fairy.

When we got home she took it outside to show her friends and she LOST IT!!! OHHH NOOO.  I didn’t even realize this until I went in to kiss her goodnight and she was crying her eyes out.  We are going to write the tooth fairy a letter tomorrow in hopes that she will understand and still visit with the MONEY! =)

Here she is front toothless and all sad over the misplaced tooth:

bloggityb 004




The reason we were at Aunt Andrea’s house tonight is because for the last few weeks we have been practicing a dance routine to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.   O…M….Gosh it is so funny.  The BG’s last little brother is getting married this Saturday (the BG is the oldest of 9 kids!!!!!)  There are ALOT of people learning this dance to surprise the bride and groom.  It’s not just us younger generation, it’s all The BG’s aunts and uncles and mom and dad too!!

Wish us luck that noone throws their back out! LOL


In quilty news I finished the top of one of my daughters quilts. I am using Sweet and Swanky  jelly rolls and they can choose who wants which one.

This is the “Sweet” jelly roll top finished and folded.

bloggityb 005

OH and my Mommy bought me the PINK bobbin winder!! WOO HOO. We stopped at a couple quilt shops in Indiana on our way to take my nephew home.  I already had the white one, but had been coveting the pink one.  So she bought it and I am going to give her my white one.  Thanks MOM!!

bloggityb 003

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4 comments on “Of Misplaced Teeth and Other Things.

  1. rachel says:

    oh my heavens.
    yall are dancing the thriller dance at the wedding???
    that’s freaking awesome!!!

    please say someone is going to catch that on video.
    and maybe even youtube that bad boy.

  2. Colleen says:

    How fun to dance Thriller at the wedding! Hope someone records it and you can put it on here :o) Would LOVE to see it! Cute little tooth story.. I remember those days!

  3. Sara says:

    Congrats to Minate on losing her tooth! And the fabric is beautiful! Learning thriller – brings back memories of jr high!
    You’ve been busy!

  4. Kathy says:

    Love the quilt – that’s my pattern “Split Decision”, right? Lookin good!!

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