A real designer read my blog!!

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I was commented by Kathy of Teacher’s Pet  http://www.theteacherspet.typepad.com/  about the jelly roll quilt I made for one of my daughter’s beds.  She spotted it as one of her patterns Split Decision. 

Now she in NO WAY  implied that I should have put her pattern name in writting, but I usually always do tell which pattern I am working on, so I felt really bad when I went back and read the post and saw that I didn’t name the pattern and especially bad when it was the designer herself  actually read my blog!

It’s Split Decision!  We’ve had quite of few of those around here lately too~! LOL  Should we move or should we not?

Anyway…Teacher’s Pet also produced other great favorites of mine like the Take 5 pattern.  And you can pick up all of her patterns here: http://www.the-teachers-pet.com/tpindex.html

Now that will teach people to not write who’s patterns their working on cause that very designer might be reading your blog!! Hehehehehe


I am making headway on the other jelly roll quilt for the girls’ room too.

Hope to have it pieced tonight!

It’s from the book Jelly Roll Quilts by: Pam and Nicky Lintott

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Lator Gators! Melissa

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2 comments on “A real designer read my blog!!

  1. Flatlander says:

    I have that book … just got it … actually was reading it in bed before turning off the lights last night (am I the only person who “reads” quilt books like others read novels??). ANYWAY … this is a GREAT book. There are tons and tons of ideas, different colorways of how to make the same quilt. One of the best in my library. I also like the new one by Kim Diehl (I think it’s called “Simple Traditions”) … recently released. BEAUTIFUL quilts with stunning applique accents.

  2. Brenda says:

    YOu’re such a name dropper, hahaha!

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