Oh Darla I love you!


Photo totally snagged off  designer Tanya Whelan’s blog  http://grandrevivaldesign.typepad.com/

While I was shopping my socks off in Paducha, Kentucky this past spring I picked up these two prints:



I was going to make some penny pockets out of it  from the pattern off of Happy Zombies blog http://www.thehappyzombie.com/blog/

Here are her cute ones:

penny pockets

But when I tried to match those prints up with prints from my stash I came to the conclusion that nothing was as cute as those two prints. So whats a girl to do? GO SHOPPING!!

I checked out the salvage and googled the fabric… Darla by Tanya Whelan for Free Spirit. WOW I don’t know how I missed that fabric when it came out, but I feel in LOOOOOOVE with it.

It should be in the mail in the next week and then I am going to make myself that quilt that is on the above bed.

and maybe some pillows

and maybe some curtains

and maybe those pennie pockets

would it be too much to make matching pajamas?

Thank you Tanya Whelan for designing this ohhh so wonderful fabric!
Later gators! Melissa

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