Gifties from Brenda!!

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The totally cute,  funny, sweet, talented  Brenda from  sent me some gifties in the mail yesterday!  I was so excited to get mail that wasn’t a bill or sales flyer. LOL

She knows my love of socks and sent the cutest socks ever!! They are quilty socks with quilt blocks and notions on them. 


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 The most AWESOME patriotic quilt.  I love love love the details on the little quilt!! The fabric selection is killer,  there is a rusty prim flag, the sweetest little crow, and buttons, and a prim tag.  OH BRENDA I LOVE IT!!!  It will hang all year round!! 

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There was also an adorable “sew much fun” sign, with spools on the frame.

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Thank you Brenda I will treasure my gifts, you are tooooo sweet!!

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2 comments on “Gifties from Brenda!!

  1. Joanna says:

    You lucky thing!!! Brenda is my friend, and I was with her when she bought those socks – she said they were for someone she was in a swap with, but I didn’t realize it would be on a blog that I already subscribe to! Brenda is awesome and I know she just loved doing this for you:)

  2. Brenda says:

    The little quilt looks perfect there. I’m so glad you liked it. It’s so funny that Joanna reads this blog. I dragged her to the VT Quilt Festival where I bought the socks and she is just rolling her eyes at me and my goofy socks… I have to tell her that now she knows TWO people who liked them, LOL! She doesn’t wear socks, at all! Wonder where she got the swap idea??? HMM> Never mind her, she was heavily medicated…no really, she was sick as a dog but I just kept movin her along, and making sure she took the cold pills, the tylenol pills and lots of water, If she started looking pale or woozy, well she had to sit out the next booth. hahaha! YOu had to be there, it was funny. =)

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