Weekend Holiday Fun!



 The BG, kids and I had a great weekend out at my Mom and Dad’s home this 4th of July Holiday!

Their place looks so beautiful, all of their hardwork really shows around their grounds.

mom's garden

mom's garden 2

Friday evening Poppa Bob (my dad) took us all to the Fireworks.

Saturday we had a family cookout.

The BG and I brought the prizes and set up the games for kids and adults alike: Three Legged Race, Sack Jump Race, Balloon Toss, and a game of Big Foot where everyone had fun chasing people around with water balloons!

We also had a Badminton Tournament, Corn Hole games, and swimming in the pool!



4th 023


4th 009


We drove home today and are all just a little tired from all the sun and fun!

I think I will wait till tomorrow to clean up and unpack before I dig into what I have going on in my sewing/crafing room!

4th 079

I found a cute new tin to hold crafting supplies!


Hope your weekend was awesome as well!

later gators, melissa


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4 comments on “Weekend Holiday Fun!

  1. Sara says:

    I’m getting caught up! Love your gift from Brenda, and it looks like you had a wonderful weekend at your parents! Their gardens are beautiful!!

    And my corn is not Knee high, but the corn down the street is! 🙂

  2. valerie says:

    Looks like you all had a ball! We celebrated last week by going out of town and renting a cabin. It was so fun.

  3. Flatlander says:

    4th of July is one of my most FAVORITE holidays … so family and friend oriented and so NOT commercial (in my opinion). Just a celebration of this wonderful country we live in. Happy Birthday America!!

    Yes, the corn around Pittsburgh, PA is more than knee high and looks to be a bumper crop this year because of all the rain and sunshine … YUM!!!

  4. Brenda says:

    Now that’s what I call Family Fun! And you even thought of he long PJ’s…man, you’re so good! I only remember the long PJ’s AFTER the mosquitos have gotten to my Prince, duh!
    Oh, you think that green thumb thing is inherited???? Maybe you can come one over with the troops and help me with my landscaping disaster! Green thumb is required, LOL!

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