Thanks Rachel for my PIF Gifties!


(photo from my Mom’s yard)

I knew I wasn’t waiting on anything  “fabric-y” in the mail, so imagine my surprise when I recieved a LOVELY package in the mail Friday afternoon!

zoo 019


It’s Rachel’s (from ) Pay It Forward gift.  A little thread catcher  and the cutest little doll quilt evah!  They went straight to my sanctuary (a.k.a the sewing room) after showing them off to my family that were in town!

You were right they fit right in with my decor up there~!

And your hubb’s was right, I DO LOVE IT, because you made it, and because you put so  much thought into it!

Thank you Rachel I absolutely adore it!

If you would like to receive a Pay It Forward handmade gift  from me please comment here. The first 3 people will be in on the PIF fun.

I will mail you something within this coming year and you in turn commit to Pay It Forward when your gift arrives.

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4 comments on “Thanks Rachel for my PIF Gifties!

  1. rachel says:

    glad you got your package!!!
    and i’m SUPER glad that you heart your stuff.

    enjoy, enjoy.

  2. Molly says:

    Hi Melissa, I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and you’ve totally got me back into prims! I would love to join the PIF fun! 🙂 By the way, Portland is an amazing city (used to live there!) and Oregon is a great place to live! 🙂

  3. Flatlander says:

    What a cool idea. I loved that movie … so much that we bought it … and recently re-watched it. Adorable thread catcher and doll quilt … love, love, love surprises and actually often surprise my nieces and sisters with little “gifties” like table runners, coasters, towels with patchwork embellishments. Fun!

    Flatlander (Linda)

  4. Hi Melissa,

    I’m a quilting & blogging newby, but I’d love to participate in the PIF fun…

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