Grand Plans squashed by a cold!

Oh I had such grand plans this weekend of getting caught up on all the “to-do’s” that I ignored during my trip to lazy land last week.  Alas it was not to be.  I started getting that dry, scratchy, sore throat thing on Saturday. By Sunday it was full blow sickies for me.  I was down for the count and slept most of the day.

How do you get a cold in Summer? It just doesn’t make sense!

I still feel awful today, but one must get on with the show. 

Block Swap Button2

So if you were waiting for a reply from me sorry it took me so long. I spent time this morning replying to all the signature swap people.  We are up to 6o people!! WOW we might have to close sign up’s early.

We need 64 blocks to do the Jo Morton quilt.  I was thinking maybe we should take around 70 names in case some women drop out or fail to send their blocks. What do you think? Should we just take up to 64 people or should we take a few extras.  I have never run a swap before so I am not familiar with all the problems that might arise.

Here are the ladies that weren’t posted on the last update.

38.Lori  (email)

39. Katie from

40. Rachel from

41. Margaret  (email)

42. Carol from

43. Lyda (email)

44. Bonie (email)

45. Kristine (email)

46. Pam K. (email)

47. Jennifer from

48. Julie from

49. Meghann  (email)

50.Lurline from

51. Melinda (email)

52. Babs (email)

53. Julia from

54. Michelle from

55. Lynda from (email)

56. Mary from

57. Karen from

58.Melody from

59.Rita (email)

60. Judith (email)




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The rest of my day will be taken up with cleaning and making invites to a CARNIVAL!!! My sisters-in-law and I are throwing a carnival birthday party for several of our kids who’s B-days fall within a week or two of each other.

Wish me luck! I might get swallowed by the big angry laundry monster! =)
later gators! Melissa




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7 comments on “Grand Plans squashed by a cold!

  1. Mary says:

    I’ve never done a swap before either, but I don’t see why we couldn’t add blocks to the back of the quilt if you ended up with too many.

    Hope you are feeling better. A summer cold is always much worse, it seems.

    Good luck with party planning.

  2. Sue Cryderman says:

    I was wondering if you might have to close it a bit early. August 30th is a ways off and I could see you having an abundance of names. Something to ponder. Maybe you could leave it open till the first of August? I don’t know, just a thought. I am working on mine today. I just figured I would do 64 since that’s how many are needed for the quilt! LOL! But if there are extras, I suppose one could make a signature pillow or whatever else!!
    Sure hope you get to feeling better soon!

  3. Charlene says:

    Wow! A lot of people have signed up! Hooray! I would def close the swap early and taking a few extra names should be ok, better safe than sorry! I am SO glad I started making some blocks and have plenty of fabric!
    I hope youre feeling better and will stay healthy getting ready for this party! Sounds like a lot of fun!
    Best stitches to you!

  4. rachel says:

    sorry you are sick.

    about the swap…
    i’m speaking from experience here, but you should go with 70, just in case.
    things happen in almost every swap: family emergency, laziness, lost packages.

    six extra siggy blocks per person isn’t a bad thing.
    if everyone follows through with the swap, you can take those 6 per person and make a whole extra quilt and donate it to your local nursing home.
    {or even raffle it off for a good cause.}
    it’s just a thought.
    {i know i wouldn’t mind my extra six going to something like that.}

  5. Libby says:

    My throat keeps acting like it wants to be sore . . . I’ve got no time for that right now, so I simply am ignoring it *s*
    Hope you feel as good as new real soon!

  6. Sorry you picked up a summer cold…not fun. Hope it clears up soon.

    I agree that 70 would be a good number to cut it off at. That gives a few extra for those just in case things that come up.

  7. carol says:

    I thought we had until August 30 to commit also. I am interested but would still prefer to commit in August.

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