Okay I know this is boring for some…sig block stuff

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I promise I won’t be posting about the Signature Block Swap constantly, this will be the last time for awhile,  but we do have business to attend to. LOL

I have decided (based on the advice of folks who are “in the know”) to close the Sign Up early.

We are not talking any more new names.

I , from the bottom of my heart, hope this doesn’t cause problems for anyone!!!  It is all my fault. This is the first swap I have run by myself, and thought I would have trouble getting 10 or 20 people signed up.

I am very happy and excited to say that wasn’t the case and we filled up pretty rapidly. I will know in the future when running a swap to set sign up’s based on a number of participants instead of a set date. I’m sorry


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3 comments on “Okay I know this is boring for some…sig block stuff

  1. Sue Cryderman says:

    I think folks will understand. I could see us having so many names that postage would be quite high! I was wondering about that too. I know you wanted us to send a self-addressed stamped envelope for each block. I was wondering if there was a more economical way of doing that. Maybe using a flat rate box? I don’t know. Just thinking.
    Anyway, holler back at me!

  2. Anett says:

    I thought we only had to send one envelope for the our blocks to be returned to us….forgive my ignorance…I haven’t done this before.

    I am starting my blocks this weekend…I am really jazzed to do this.


  3. nanette says:

    It was all I could do not to sign up for the swap. I wanted to so much! I couldn’t take on another thing. So I’ll have to live through seeing what others do. I’ve always wanted to make a signature quilt.

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