Add another to the wish list!

Yesterday as the BG and I were shopping for a new bikes for Patience and Minate for their birthdays (P turns 9 this Sat, M turns 6 in 2 weeks,)  I found a little something that I have to add to my wish list.

At FIRST I thought I wanted this:



But THEN I saw this:



BE STILL MY HEART!! A SUPER pink vintage looking bike. COME TO MOMMA! lol

I would attach a white wicker basket to the front of that baby and cruise all day!

Can you see me riding along with my darling children, all of us immaculately dressed (of course) with gleaming white teeth, and impeccable manners- riding over to June Cleaver’s house to deliver freshly baked cookies?

Okay snapping out of it.

In reality it would be my girls fighting and whining and me breaking up their fights. LOL …A girl can dream.


I’ll be  working on a little fall sample for the quilt shop today after running the obligitory errands. I have the peices all basted and ready to sew down.

fhfhfhf 011

Later Gators! Melissa

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10 comments on “Add another to the wish list!

  1. Sara says:

    Love the bike, I would go for blue though…not too into pink! And love the sampler!

    Who’s kids aren’t fighting? I gave up and said “take it outside so you don’t get blood on my carpet!” I can’t take it anymore, only 5 more weeks till school starts!

  2. Carrie P. says:

    That is a very cute bike and it’s pink. I love pink.
    Cute pumpkin sample too.

  3. Diane Cannon says:

    Hi Melissa–the bike is a hard choice here–I love anything Pink–but that aqua one is neat looking–maybe I would have to flip a coin for this choice!!!!! And I love the fall pattern–I don’t find alot I like for fall–but I love this one–Have a great day–hugs, just, Di

  4. Sue Cryderman says:

    Well I do LOVE that bike! I could join you at the Cleaver’s with my retroglide the hubby bought me ten years ago. Only thing is my basket is wicker! Oh what fun!

  5. Charlene says:

    Sweet Bikes! Either one would be a nice ride! Question, in one of your blogs you introduced “Distress It”. Where do you find it? I have gone to Hobby Loby, JoAnns, Kmart, Walmart and Michaels and cannot find it in my area…

  6. Nice bike-riding image! 🙂

    I love the Harvest Thyme sampler. Great little fall quilt!

  7. lori says:

    oh I love the teal(blue) bike!!!
    what a lovly picture you painted in my mind. An outting on bike,nice breeze,cool temps and the sun shinning down. Makes me almost want to go get on my bike… my Harley that is…. hehehe
    love the pumpkin patch mini. it’s really cute.

  8. LOVE the pink bike!!!

    The little fall sampler is coming cute 🙂

  9. Victoria says:

    The little Harvest Time wall quilt looked awfully familiar to me. I finally remembered that I have a kit for it that I started working on last fall and ran out of time to finish. I’m going to have to get it out and finish it now that I’m reminded how neat looking it is!! Thanks 🙂

  10. boysmum2 says:

    I would go for the pink as well. 1) because it is cute and 2) because I am in a house of all boys, so need to invite pink into the house some how.

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