Kaaren gets an A+

Hey Look siggy girls!

Kaaren J. sent me her signature block exchange blocks!!  She set a perfect example of mailing so she gets an A+ !! (giggle)

I thought I would share her packaging. She mailed from Canada and the postage was only $1.81 for the envelopes. (addresses photo shopped out for protection of the innocent)

kkllmmoo 002

I’ll be excited to see more of these flowing in over the next months. 


Can I just say, I was so sad to see they made a movie of one of my very favorite books of all time!! The Time Traveler’s Wife. UGGG!


1.Now it will forever have the cheesy “movie photo” cover on it at all the books stores.

2.Whenever you discuss it in the future people will say, “oh I saw that movie.”

3. They picked silly actors for it (they should have at least called me for my advice on actors! LOL)

Okay I know this might be a snobby point of view, but there is a noble side to it:  think of all the script writers out there furiously writing original movie scripts. Why put them out of work ? =)

I probably wouldn’t have minded as much if Merchant Ivory made it. I trust them. Look what they did with  E.M.Forster’s  A Room With A View!!


Later Gators! Melissa


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10 comments on “Kaaren gets an A+

  1. Sue Cryderman says:

    I so need to get mine to you as they have been done a while, but I am lazy:D

  2. Mary says:

    I was wondering how soon we could mail them to you. Now you will probably be filling your space with siggy blocks.

  3. Geeze, I used to hate brown nosers like me in school. Honest, guys. I only made them so quickly because that way I have one less thing on my ever-growing ‘to do’ list.

    They work up really quickly if you chain piece them. Can’t wait to see them start coming in.

  4. Sherry says:

    Hi Can you ask Karen how did she get a self return from Canada they told me that I could not do this. So if Karen could get ahold of me with her secret I would love it Thanks.

  5. Barbara says:

    Mine are on their way…..mailed them on Monday ( 8/3 ).
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Barb

  6. jaybird says:

    i need to get started on mine…

    and about your book/movie feelings.. i get it… lots of books i love get turned into movies and it is hard when they have changed etc.. but i met Nicolas Sparks a few years back.. and he talked about his books being turned into movies… and explained the things that need to change and how its just one good story being told through different mediums… he spoke for a while and really got me to “get it”.. anywho he also mentioned that books into movies turns people on to books and authors and i can’t deny or fight that.. i read all the HP books after seeing the trailer for the first movie.. i could go on and on… but i haven’t read the time traveler’s wife and seeing the preview makes me want to get the book.. so its not all bad!!!

  7. Karen says:

    My blocks are done and in an envelope! I hope to get to the post office and send them on there way sometime today!

  8. Danielle says:

    Ok, I’m feeling like the kid on school who always passes in their homework late! I better get sewing, and quick! LOL

  9. Mary Flynn says:

    I was done long ago…they are sitting. I’ll add them on my “to-do” list of post office packages!!

  10. Melody - The Demanding Doll says:

    Oh oh Melissa. I’m freaking out here a little bit to see you receiving blocks. I did not see a note on how many to make. Did you send out a notice to everyone’s e-mail and I missed it?

    Help! I want to get started too.

    I’ve been so bad about keeping up on blogs (including my own) lately. Maybe once school starts it will be easier…

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