On my window sill

A week or so ago The Brooding Genius brought home a sweet little surprise for me.

kkllmmoo 008


REAL Scottish Thistle all the way from Scotland!

An older woman from our community named Phylis often brings the BG little random gifts, such as homemade food stuffs, packages of napkins, books, bowls, odd paper clippings etc. When she found out that his wife (me) loves all things Scot , she started bringing him things to gift to me.  Recently she sent a couple books on Scotland’s history and a Scotland travel manual. She belongs to the local Scottish Club and she often visits Scotland. When last she was there, she brought home thistle seeds to plant in her garden. She cut some and gave them to the BG, telling him to  make sure to tell me they were from the land of my dreams.

I have neglected to give them any water, but they are as tough as the people from whence they come, and refuse to wilt.  I love looking at them on my sewing room window sill and dreaming of the day I too will frolic in the fields where they were born.



I have been getting the Fall bug.  Michigan has had such a weird , cold summer. I think some of the trees are confused.  We actually saw trees this weekend changing and putting on their fall colored clothes!!

So I think this coming week I will take down all the summer/patriotic decor and start putting out my fall colors too. It is my favorite season and my favorite decorations too!

But before I say goodbye to all the red,white, and blue of summer I thought I better sew this little Snap Sack up for next year. It’s waiting for me to quilt and bind today.

kkllmmoo 004


Snap Sacks are sooo cool! Have you seen these in your LQS? They are little kits (with backing, binding, and pattern!!) all wrapped up in little brown paper bags.

Later Gators! Melissa

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5 comments on “On my window sill

  1. Sue Cryderman says:

    I agree that Michigan has had a weird fall. It’s been so cool and dry and my veggies in the garden don’t like it either.
    I love fall too and I can’t wait to put out some fall colors, but I’m refraining from doing so as I’m still holding out for summer! LOL!

  2. Asiyah says:

    I have been in a fall-ish mood too, but not because of the weather. I live in north Mississippi and it’s been in the 90’s this week.

    More likely it’s because I’ve been working on Halloween costumes. My 4 year old proclaimed in January that we should all be bumblebees this year. Not sure how to sell dear young hubby on it, but I think black tights are in his future, lol.

  3. Mary says:

    It’s been a weird summer here too. The heater actually came on yesterday morning and again today. What is up with that??

    Love the Scottish thistle. It looks so pretty in the vase on the window sill.

  4. Lisa says:

    I am ready for fall. It’s been a fairly tolerable summer in NC – as in the temperature’s in the 80’s and the humidity isn’t quite high enough to knock you down…that is, until this week. Now, I’m REALLY ready for October.

  5. Brenda says:

    I have some of that wonderful Thistle in my garden…it grows tall and is so forgiving. Drought or flood, it just hangs in there! It grows tall too; mine is over six feet. Need some seeds??? LMK, if you toss them in the Fall you’ll have some next Summer. =)

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