Back to School count down.


About one week, or twelve days, or 288 hours until my kidletts are back in school and running on a schedule.  But who’s counting?  Ahhhhhhh…… I am.

We are checking off things on the Back-to-School check list. Just a few more pairs of shoes and I think we will be ready! There are fresh,pretty backpacks filled to the brim with sharp new pencils, crayons, glue, etc. hanging up in the closet. There are fancy new clothes, and ready to learn brains. I have to say it really makes me want to go back to school too!

Minate lost her other front tooth! And guess who pulled it?  Oh you know I did!!! I wasn’t going to miss out on it this time!!  It made a really gross noise when it came out, but now I can pull the rest NO PROB!! I am a pro now. LOL

decor 2

umm…think someone is going to need braces??


I am shamefully behind on my autumn decorating.  Here is what my living room has looked like for a week:

stuffie 021

I am putting it off because I really want to rearrange the furniture in my tiny house. I would love to bring the mantle down from our bedroom and somehow fit it in the living room…more area to decorate ya know?  But it is almost impossible to configure it correctly. Guess I will work on it today.

I am excited about a new purchase.  I saw this at T.J.Maxx last week and left it there.  Then it kept haunting me …you know how that goes.  I just thought it was the perfect Halloween-y decoration. I looked it up on the net and saw it for sale at some European decorating site for $60.  It was only $15 at the Maxx.  So I went back to get it, and by golly it was still there!!  I will make a cute display with it sooner or later when I get the furniture thing worked out!  =)~

decor 1

Wouldn’t it look great with some black branches and crows? SPOOOOKY. LOL

Hope your day is more productive than I have been!!

Later Gators, Melissa


4 comments on “Back to School count down.

  1. Mary says:

    I love it!!! What a find too! It will go so well with the Halloween decorating.

    I hope the tooth fairy remembered to show up. Yep, I think braces are in order there. ;(

  2. simplylibby says:

    Hope you do some really fun things in these last few hours before back to school *s*

  3. Brenda says:

    Ok, so I have no idea how I missed this one but I was coming over to give you crap because I haven’t “seen” you in a few days and what??? I missed this? Now how the heck did that happen? I am so loving that new addition, hello? Now that’s what I call a FIND! Way to go Melissa!
    Oh, and I hope those tooth come in sooner rather than later, GP’s took TWO years to come in. And the suckers have a racetrack between them! I mean really, if he had to wait that long for them the least they could do was park next to each other, LOL! Braces, here we come! hahaha

  4. Brenda says:

    I’d like to add that I do know that tooth is singular and teeth is plural, I’m just on my first Red Bull of the day… I need to wait ’till it kicks in to catch these things before I hit POST. DUH! LOL! Maybe I should stick to java, eh?

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