Saying goodbye to the old, ugly, green armchair.

I convinced the BG to let me throw away the old, ugly, green, hand-me-down, armchair from the living room.

It was a long, hard battle, the BG insisted that it move with us to this townhouse from our old house, which was about 1000 more square feet than we have now.   It has always been way too oversized for this place, plus it was OLD and UGLY!!!  But I finally won….Now it rests in the furniture graveyard, at last reunited with it’s sister the big, ugly, matching green couch.

I had to dig through my picture files to find a picture of it so you could wave goodbye. Here is the old ugly chair last summer.

ugly chair

So with that gone I was able to move my red cabinet/hutch thing over to the other wall and that allowed me to put my mantle where the red cabinet/hutch thing used to be!! Yeah furniture movement crisis solved!

So last night I started painting the mantle black, and will distress it a bit with sandpaper once it has had time to cure today.  My Dad is gonna cry, he built that out of Oak, and you know men they don’t like painting wood!!! I told him to use pine! LOL

stuffie 022

I also stared working on a halloween quilt called In the Pumpkin Patch from the book Birds of a Feather by Blackbird Designs.

stuffie 028

I have all the applique bits freezer papered and ironed on. I will work on the basting after I get the piecing done.

stuffie 026

AND I made this table runner yesterday too.  It is just waiting for me to quilt it.

stuffie 034

Next on the list is to go tackle my girls’ closet.  I have to organize it for back-to-school. uggg

Later Gators!


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3 comments on “Saying goodbye to the old, ugly, green armchair.

  1. Carrie P. says:

    What a great quilt you are working on . It is definitely a Blackbird Design. Love it.

  2. Misty says:

    Both items are gorgeous! I am definitely in the mood for autumn and Halloween crafting, too!

  3. You don’t even notice the ugly green chair with those cuties standing in front of it!

    Love the Pumpkin Patch quilt!

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