What is all that silence I hear?

Oh blessed solitude, how I love thee.

Okay I have to admit that even with all my brave talk of how I couldn’t wait for school to start so that my kiddies would be on a schedule and all…..I was pretty sad for a moment on their first day of school.  I mean, I was excited and giddy for them, but a little sad that they are growing up so fast.

Here are my little beauties on their first day of school 09-10.

Patience Grade 3

fall stuff 006

Minate Grade 1

fall stuff 007

Did you notice that we had their hair “relaxed?”

Patience has been BEGGING  to have her hair straightened for-EVAH!! I was advised when we first adopted the girls that I shouldn’t do it because it was damaging for their hair.  I have asked, and surveyed, and begged hair advice from every African American woman and girl I know.  There is so much conflicting advice. And Patience just wanted it soooo badly….So we finally took the plunge.

Hair is extremely challenging for me.  Not just because my daughters have hair that is completely different from my own, but also because I just am bad at doing hair…ANY hair. I am not a creative hair person.  Pony tails are my daily coiffure, so imagine trying to keep up with the Jones with all the braids, twists, turns, and fancy doo-dads that is par for the course for little girls.  A girls hair is just SOOOOO enormous in the African American community, and  I worry constantly that my girls got the short end of the stick when it comes to a Mom that can do their hair.  But I am hoping that a stable loving home makes up for it in the end.  It does seem much easier to brush through and put into hair doo’s, so far so good.

I am entering the home stretch on my In the Pumpkin Patch quilt.  Here are the blocks I have done:

fall stuff 020

I am working on the last block:

fall stuff 019

Better get to it! Later Gators! Melissa

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15 comments on “What is all that silence I hear?

  1. Sherrill says:

    I LOVE your Pumpkin Patch quilt. Is that a pattern/book or your design. So cute!

  2. Jan says:

    The girls looked awesome on their first day of school! They look quite happy too 🙂 Love the outfits they chose and their hair looks great! Do you ever use a hot iron on them??? … Well, not on them … their hair! (LOL). I hope they have a great school year! Absolutely love the blocks you’ve done so far … the fabric selections are awesome! Gorgeous 🙂 Enjoy the quiet 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    The girls look great! I LOVE their hair! It makes them both look so grown up! Love it. You are doing a great job too. Have a great school year!

  4. Jackie says:

    They look so grown-up and cute. Good luck with the hair – my husband actually did my girls hair as I was working early mornings and he would get them off to school. He makes a mean pony tail. Enjoy your peace and quiet!

  5. Asiyah says:

    Awww, they look beautiful (natural or relaxed hair). I totally understand their desire to have a relaxed hairstyle…I was that way too. When I finally did get my hair relaxed, I was on top of the world! Darn near got whiplash from throwing my hair around so much, lol. You’re doing good mama.

    Love the blocks. Those points are perfect.

  6. Barb says:

    Your girls are adorable! I love their hair! I hope they have the most fantastic year ever in school with the best teachers–the teacher really does make the difference!

    I LOVE your blocks! Is that a pattern or a book? I would love to do that one!

  7. Sue Cryderman says:

    Boy, your girls are just so lovely!
    And your quilt is turning out so cute! I really like that! I need to get crackin’ at my home sewing, but have been soooo busy with canning!

  8. Karen says:

    Love the red & black plaid skirt and the hot pink shoes on the other daughter. Wow! At least they look hot pink in the photo. All so cute.
    Your pumpkin quilt is moving right along. I plan on getting mine out of a storage container later this month and working hard on the work left to do on it.

  9. Mary says:

    Patience looks too happy to be heading off to school and I am not pulling up the photo of Minate. Is she just as “smiley”? Is Patience pleased with the “relaxed” hair? Guess that is what really matters.

    Love the autumn quilt. You’ll have it finished in no time at all.

  10. Tammy says:

    Your girls are so cute and they are rocking great outfits for their first day of school. Hope they liked their teachers and classes. Love the pumpkin blocks, with fall in the air makes me think I should put something together for the season.

  11. Karen says:

    The girls look beautiful! I know they must have been so excited on there first day back to school! I love the pumpkin patch blocks! Very cute!

  12. scrappylady says:

    LOVE the girls hair! I have natural curly hair, and totally understand wanting straight hair! It’s a real chore to get mine there! You’re a sweet mom.

    I’m LOVING the Pumpkin Patch blocks! I don’t know how you do it all! You’re amazing!

  13. Colleen says:

    Your girls are adorable. They look so cute! Their hair turned out great! And the secret to hair styling is practice, practice, practice, and get a braid book. They show lots of simple hairstyles and braiding techniques and make it really easy with step-by-step pictures and instructions. I had one from some kiddy toy that my kids got! I was making a mean fishtail braid really quick on some very willing hair models :o)

    Love the quilt blocks!

  14. Allison K says:

    Your girls are darling! I can’t imagine how you manage their hair. I struggle with my boys, thankfully short is working out.

    I really enjoyed browsing your blog and getting inspiration from all you do (someone sent me a link and I’ve just now looked). I can’t wait to start a Halloween quilt now.

  15. Esteemarlu says:

    Your daughters are so cute and I love the brown and pink dress and pink shoes. Did you buy it or make it? I am Hispanic with curly hair and always wanted straight hair. I can now straighten it but hate the time that goes into it so I just put some Curls Rock lotion on it (best stuff ever) and look forward to the compliments I now get.

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