Signature Block Exchange Update!

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fall stuff 022

So far there are 16 piles of blocks waiting for their new home.  I have crossed your name out in the list below to indicate that your blocks have been received.  Someone was kind enough to remind me that there are only 30 days in November  (what a ding dong I am!!)  So you have the rest of  Sep and Nov to get those blocks sewn up and mailed to me by Nov. 30th!

Here are some block pictures to inspire you as requested:

fall stuff 024

fall stuff 025

fall stuff 026

Happy Sewing Siggy Girls!!


1. Aunt Pitty Pat from

*2. Lisa from

*3. Teri from

4. Sherry (email)

5. Jane from

*6. Barbara (email)

7. Donna from

8. Sue from

9. Molly from

10. Dawn from

*11. Carrie from

12. Michelle (email)

13. Melody from

*14. Kaaren from

15. Melinda H. (email)

16. Brenda from

17. Cecelia M. (email)

18. Terry C. (email)

19. Mel from

20. Steph (email) blog

21. Michelle from

22. Julie (email)

23. Linda (Flatlander)  (email)

24. Karen from

*25. Karen from

26. Lindsey from

*27. Laura P. (email)

28. Laurie N. (email)

29. Danielle from

30. Anett from

*31. Rebecca  from

32. Charlene from

*33. Melissa from

34.Jandi from

*35.Robin from

36.Lissa  (email)

37.Carole from

38.Lori  (email)

39. Katie from

40. Rachel from

41. Margaret  (email)

42. Carol from

43. Lyda (email)

44. Bonie (email)

45. Kristine (email)

*46. Pam K. (email)

47. Jennifer from

48. Julie from

49. Meghann  (email)

50.Lurline from

*51. Melinda (email)

52. Babs (email)

53. Julia from

54. Michelle from

*55. Lynda from (email)

*56. Mary from

57. Karen from

58.Melody from

59. Elaine Jones –

60. Judith (email)

61.Joanne from

62. Elaine (email)

63. Diane from

64. Erin from

65. Jill (email)

66. Julie (email)

*67. Mary from

68. Kim from

69. Latha email

70. Mary Cleem  email

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8 comments on “Signature Block Exchange Update!

  1. Mel says:

    I love seeing the blocks, inspires me to get going on mine!
    Thanks for showing!

  2. jaybird says:

    they look great! i have my fabric for the corners and i’ll be getting my neutral fabric tomorrow when i work at the shop!!

  3. Mary Flynn says:

    Thanks for sharing them! Looking at them I’m wondering if my center is too dark because some look white in comparison but we all know that pictures don’t show exact colors half of the time.

  4. terri says:

    wish i really did have mine done, but i don’t – i think my name has been crossed out by mistake?

  5. Wow! The blocks are so pretty! This is just the thing I need to get me motivated to put mine together. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

  6. Carrie P. says:

    They are great. I know you are enjoying opening each little package to see the different blocks.

  7. Oh, they are all looking wonderful, this is so exciting. Can’t wait to make them into a quilt. Need to order the Vintage Journey book.
    Thanks for posting photos.

  8. Karen Beigh says:

    My blocks were mailed from Myrtle Beach last week while we were on vacation. You should receive them soon.

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