Siggie Block Exchange Update

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to update the list of people who have sent their blocks so you can be sure I have them.  If I have received your blocks your name is not listed.

Edited:  This is a list of people who have NOT sent their blocks.  You still only need to make 70 blocks.

1. Aunt Pitty Pat from

4. Sherry (email)

5. Jane from

7. Donna from

9. Molly from

12. Michelle (email)

13. Melody from

15. Melinda H. (email)

16. Brenda from

17. Cecelia M. (email)

19. Mel from

20. Steph (email) blog

22. Julie (email)

24. Karen from

26. Lindsey from

28. Laurie N. (email)

29. Danielle from

30. Anett from

32. Charlene from

34.Jandi from

36.Lissa  (email)

37.Carole from

39. Katie from

40. Rachel from

41. Margaret  (email)

42. Carol from

43. Lyda (email)

44. Bonie (email)

47. Jennifer from

48. Julie from

49. Meghann  (email)

50.Lurline from

52. Babs (email)

53. Julia from

54. Michelle from

59. Elaine Jones –

60. Judith (email)

61.Joanne from

62. Elaine (email)

63. Diane from

64. Erin from

65. Jill (email)

66. Julie (email)

68. Kim from

69. Latha email

70. Mary Cleem  email

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8 comments on “Siggie Block Exchange Update

  1. Mine should be in the mail by the middle of next week.

  2. Carrie P. says:

    I am a little confused with this list. There are 70 people on the list but I do not see my name so that means you got my blocks but I thought we were only supposed to make 70 blocks.
    Am I missing something?

  3. Lynda Green says:

    Melissa, I do not see my name listed — was #50 on the original list. Also, I’m including my blog — very rustic, but a start.

  4. Melody says:

    Hello Melissa,
    I got your e-mail that my blocks arrived but I am not on the list. Did I send enough blocks? Thanks again for hosting.
    Sew long,

  5. Melody - The Demanding Doll says:

    Working on mine today. They are cut and ready to sew. 🙂 What have people been using for the signature section? Muslin?

  6. lori jones says:

    I am letting you know that i am going out today to mail my blocks!
    wooo hooo I’m early!! yea me. sorry i just move a couple of months ago and have been behind the 8ball for a while and now I have finally caught up!

  7. I got my done and I made 80 don’t ask me why…..I had a heck of a time writing my name….there has to be a secret to it. But they are starched and ironed and will be in the mail tomorrow……Can’t wait to get mine back…..Thanks again…..


  8. If you iron freezer wax paper on the back of you siggy patch it will be much easier to write on. Pam

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