Fabulous Fall

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I hope you all are enjoying your fabulous fall season!  It’s always such a short season,  you have to act fast!

Michigan seems to be wanting to skip straight to winter this year. It’s been cold, cold, cold.

Today we have some sunshine, so the BG, Minate, and I are going to go for a “fall color tour” drive  while Patience is at a birthday party this afternoon.

I wanted to share a little candy corn mouse that I got at a prim shop near my town. People are just so darned creative…I thought it was the cutest little thing!

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Of course around our house Fall= collage Football for my hubs.  The BG is a U of M alumni and I am a CMU alumni.

Although I am not a huge football fan I do like going to games.  The BG went to a U of M home game a couple weeks ago, and next weekend I think we are going to go check out my team the Cippewas in Kalamazoo.


The Chips are doing great this year , they have only lost one game~!!  They even beat Michigan State University again this year! Which,may I point out,  even U of M didn’t accomplish!! HA SO THERE BG!!! hehehehe

Fire up Chips!

The big man on campus for U of M this year is freshman quarterback Tate Forcier.


The only reason I mention this is that I am always so happy when people pronounce French or French-Canadian  names correctly. It gives me hope that when people hear them being pronounced correctly that they will get our last name right.

Our last name is Lussier and it is constantly being pronounced  “loose-ear”. uggg.  It is actually pronounced ” Lucy- A” I tried to get the BG to take my maiden name when we wed…it was so much easier. My name used to be Melissa Clear. Hard to pronounce that wrong! But he wasn’t going for that.


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I’ve been working on the “garden girls” quilt the past couple days getting all the flowers and leaves basted.

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While I happily baste along I have been listening to the last few “Outlander” books by Diana Gabaldon on C.D.


Her new book came out recently. I started to read it, but quickly realized that it had been so long since I read the last book that I couldn’t remember what had happened.

So  while I get caught up on what Jamie and Claire were up to in the last three books during the day;  at night  I am finishing the Sookie Stackhouse books.

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OH MY GOSH are these addicting or what???? I am flying through the series (you can read one a day) and am reading the last two. I highly reccomend them if you like paranormal mystery type books. OR if you have been enjoying the True Blood series on HBO, like we have.

Later Gators!


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8 comments on “Fabulous Fall

  1. Lisa says:

    I love the Outlander series. I didn’t realize the new one was out. I’ll have to stop on my way hoe and pick it up. I have them all on CD so I can listen to them oever and over as I quilt.

    I love the candy corn mouse! Too cute!

  2. Sue Cryderman says:

    You are right, Melissa! Michigan seems to have skipped summer and fall and gone right to winter. Brrr.
    Loved your post today! And also the things you are working on.

    Enjoy your color drive!

  3. Dawn Heese says:

    I have read all the Sookie books and found them VERY addicting. She also has a series of “Grave” books that are really good. The fourth in that series comes out in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait.

  4. cornbreadandbeansquilting says:

    Hi Lisa! I know! How could you NOT love Jamie ~! =) You are lucky to own them all on CD, I just check them out from the library and sometimes the disks are kind of scratched up and I have to skip parts, darn it! I do own the books though so if I really wanted, I guess I could just read them instead. Take Care! melissa

  5. Carrie P. says:

    Hi Melissa,
    Fall is beautiful here in NC. Sorry to hear that is short where you live. I just love your little Garden Gals. It is such a cute quilt. And what a great idea to listen to books while you sew. I should check out my local library and see what might interest me .

  6. Mary Flynn says:

    Brrr, chilly and wet here in NC.
    Your Garden Girls quilt is adorable!!

  7. Brenda says:

    Love them both…read the first two Outlander books last month and am in love! I want me a redheaded stud muffin! LOL! SS is a funny lady too. My sister sent me those on my Pumpkin Patch (My ever so cute orange Ipod that reads Pumpkin Patch when you turn it on; isn’t that clever? I am no techie so I just lovve how it does that “trick”, hahaha)and I just can’t get over her, hahaha. I think I’ve listed to most of them.
    Not much listening since homeschool is back in session, but looking forward to more Jamie and Claire this Fall. Woo-Hoo!

  8. I finished the whole set of Sookie’s the books are so neat. I started the Outlanders a long time but am ready to go back and start it again. I loved them for the geneology theme. How neat. I started reading the other series of the author that Wrote Sookie books and they are good also. She is a good writer. Glad to see we like the same books. Your girls are so cute. It bet they are alot of fun….I sent the quilt blocks yesterday 15 oct 09. So I hope they get there okay. Husband did it for me….but you know men….haha….

    Thanks again….

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