Crafting, and messing, and painting OH MY!

kdjafiouhe 034

I am managing to make a fine mess in my kitchen, but not to finish much yet.

Mostly I am painting my junk shop treasures so that they can become re-purposed prims.

I found an old bread box and painted it up, applied the label, now I am waiting for the mod-podge to dry so I can re-sand it and wax it.

I also found an old wooden cheese tray that I have painted and sanded, now I am waiting for my wax to melt so I can finish the pantry cakes that will go under the glass.

kdjafiouhe 030

I also found this great old lantern, but when I was trying to convert it to an electric lamp today I BROKE THE GLASS!! I was so bummed.  But I think it still looks okay even without the glass for a little Christmas light.

kdjafiouhe 035

I found this mortar and pestle at Goodwill for a buck and painted/sanded it.  It should feel right at home in my kitchen!

kdjafiouhe 001

Well back to the crafty mess!

Later Gators, Melissa

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7 comments on “Crafting, and messing, and painting OH MY!

  1. Your wood treatments look wonderful… I know it is much harder than it looks! I would love a tutorial sometime?

  2. Lynda Green says:

    Melissa, you just added several more project ideas to my ‘to do’ list… already brought a lantern that has been in the garage into the house… I would also love to know the how to of wood treatment.

  3. Screen Door says:

    I can just tell— this is your favorite time of year…..have fun.

  4. simplylibby says:

    What great ideas . . . . looks like I need to get out to my local 2nd hand store *stat*

  5. Carrie P. says:

    Messes must mean fun and pretty stuff.

  6. boysmum2 says:

    I think it looks great without the glass. You are very crafty and it all looks so good

  7. Michelle says:

    Your home must look fabulous! I would love some tutorials also! Have a great weekend!

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