Bliss is…

being done with the block exchange!!

I know every exchange I have participated in, the hosts have always been so gracious and have never complained about how much work it is.  SOOOO… I will keep packing tape over my mouth!! LOL

I just got back from the post office!  I sent the blocks out. WOO HOO =)
We ended up having 69 ladies, so you will each receive 69 blocks.
Now there was a stack of blocks left over since everyone made 70 blocks.
I need to know what everyone would like to do with that extra set (and extra blocks that some ladies included)
Please let me know what you think.
A. Have a drawing with everyone’s name included in the exchange and give the set to the winner.
B. Make a quilt and donate it to a charity.  (If you choose this option please suggest a charity)
C.Some other suggestion.
I greatly enjoyed meeting all of you and will treasure my quilt with each one of your blocks sewn with care and love!
Thank you to those who sent little “gifties,”  I wish I had the foresight to have written down who sent what, but as it was my first swap I really didn’t think to do that!! (silly me, mom would be dissapointed in me.)
I hope you enjoy making your quilts, and don’t forget to send pictures or post em on your blog!
Have a Merry Christmas!

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19 comments on “Bliss is…

  1. Bonnie P says:

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work, Melissa!!!

  2. Laurie Nicholls says:

    Thank you for the hard work and I look forward to seeing the blocks. I have no strong feelings on the future of the spare blocks so I will agree with what ever anyone wants to do with them!

  3. Bless you for coordinating the swap. I can’t wait to see all the blocks!

  4. I’m so looking forward to receiving these blocks. Thank you for all your hard work.

  5. Jane says:

    I know how much work it takes to run a swap, and you did a wonderful job. I cannot wait to receive them. As for the extras, it would involve more work, but a charity quilt would be nice.
    Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!

  6. boysmum2 says:

    I didn’t take part in your swap but I think it would be lovely if someone made up the quilt and it got donated. So charity would love having a quilt with many people connected together on it, very special

  7. Lisa says:

    Oh yay! I can’t wait to see all the blocks. Thanks again for organizing this. I imagine it was quite a huge undertaking. As for the extra blocks, I think making a quilt to donate is a great idea. My suggestion is Quilts of Valor. And, I would be more than happy to put it together and send it on it’s way.

  8. Barbara says:

    I agree with Lisa……Quilts of Valor.
    Thank you Melissa.

  9. Brenda says:

    Thanks for the huge undertaking. Do what you will with the extras. I can’t suggest a charity quilt, the thought of all that piecing makes me think of chinese torture. I say you find a local guild and tell them your blogging buddies would be thrilled if THEY would find a good use for them. =) I’m good like that! LOL!

  10. Dawn says:

    Hoot Hoot! I can’t wait to see them! Thanks for hosting this swap.

  11. My blocks arrived! That was fast. I’m sitting here going through them and checking to see if I know anyone, where they are from, and enjoying all the fabric varieties.

    Sweet extra goodie too. Thank you! Handmade too! Yikes. You are a busy woman.

    Thank you everyone. I’m excited to think about setting them. Maybe we should have an unveiling in a few months to see how everyone used them.

  12. Barbara says:

    My blocks arrived today!!!!! They are so pretty and no two are alike.
    Thank you so very much for all that you have done….and thank you also for the strawberry pin.
    Have a very Merry Christmas.

  13. Julie says:

    Thank you so much! Theblockscame in the mail today and they are wonderful. Thank you also for the very cute pin! I am itching to get started on my quilt but Christmas gift making is still going strong here.

  14. Kristine says:

    My blocks came yesterday and they are BEAUTIFUL!
    I loved the little pin, too…what a nice surprise.
    Thank you Melissa. It was such fun & I appreciate your hard work.
    Merry Christmas!

  15. Jennifer says:

    Yeah! I received my blocks yesterday and they are all so awesome! I can’t believe how many different states I received blocks from. Something like 23 and even Canada and Australia. So cool. Thanks again Melissa. Happy Holidays! Jenn

  16. Jennifer says:

    Oh and thank you for the cute little strawberry topped pin! So adorable!

  17. nanette says:

    Oh spending. So much angst is spent on that word. I love to spend but hate to worry. So it is a balancing act for us all. My husband is the cheap one in the family but the other day said one year he’d love to throw caution to the wind and have a blow out Christmas holiday.

  18. Charlene says:

    Thanks so much for the sig blocks! I have them and love them! Being a military wife whose husband is deployed I would personally love it if the remaining blocks could be made into a quilt and given to Quilts of Valor. Being repo fabrics from the civil war era would make it even more special to the person receiving it. That’s just my thought. 🙂

  19. Melody says:

    Thank you for the little pin gift you added to our blocks! I agree that it would be nice to send the blocks to Quilts of Valor.

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