Bring out the rubbermaid tubs!

It’s time to pack up Christmas!

I’m glad it takes less time to take it down than to put it up! This is the longest I have left the Christmas decorations out.  The girls just couldn’t bear for me to take it down and since we still haven’t celebrated Christmas with my side of the family, I decided it couldn’t hurt to keep the spirit alive! hehehe

But I draw the line at Jan 1.

Time to bring on the hearts for Valentines Day.

Need some ideas for Valentine quilting projects? I have looked around and found some cute things.  The links to where to buy the patterns are below each picture.

Bundle of Pillows

Double Hearts Table Square

Gifts from the Heart (book)

Heart and Home

The Soldiers Wife

With Love

Candy Hearts


Cherry Chocolate Valentine


Srappy Heart

A Hug and A Kiss

Hugs and Kisses

Bargello Heartflower

Will You Be My Valentine

Bless Your Heart

Tea for 2

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5 comments on “Bring out the rubbermaid tubs!

  1. Screen Door says:

    Just when I’m promising myself to back off on patterns… toms of cute ideas…. Happy new year….

  2. Brenda says:

    I’ve been away so long I feel like I missed all the fun! Hope your Xmas was Merry and Bright! Mine was wonderful, a white Xmas in TX, who knew??? LOL! I am ready for some lovin’ too. I really do love Valentine’s Day… I can’t wait to make something! But first I must unpack the dreaded suitcase, YUK!

  3. Heckety says:

    Well the first photo is really sweet, and I thought ‘ooh yes’, then I scrolled down and thought ‘I like that…and that…and this one…oh and that one…and…’
    I have to say that you are simply not helpful- I’ve a load of stuff I should be doing and now….

  4. Libby says:

    Love the Valentine inspirations *s*

  5. Kay Welch says:

    I LOVE all these beautiful quilts. I want them all. Kay

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