My Baby Lock stopped working today!!

AND I was in the middle of quilting a baby quilt for a Baby shower this weekend. CRY!!

So I had to make a quick trip to Target  and buy something to gift the Mommy really fast.

OH MY GOSH! What will I do until Tuesday when the repair shop has it fixed?

I have drawn you a picture so that you can relive the experience with me…. something going haywire with my machine and me crying…LOL

Later gators!


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6 comments on “OH NO MY BABY!!!

  1. Brenda says:

    Oh, she just wanted to take a little vacation! She’ll be back better than ever after her short stay at the spa. We all need a lttle time to recharge at the beginning of the year. Maybe she just thought it was too soon to start up; especially after you tortured her with all the Xmas booties, LOL!

  2. Sandra :) says:

    I thought I had the only Baby Lock in the world with problems! I’m sorry about your machine, and especially sorry that the problems happened while you were getting a time-sensitive project done … don’t you HATE when that happens! I have a few spare machines now – I don’t function well without a sewing machine, LOLOL – it’s as bad as not having the internet – YIKES! I hope your machine is better when she gets back from the shop – that’s a very sad picture of you, LOL!!

  3. Mary says:

    My sympathy!!!! It is awful when something like that happens.

  4. Cindy says:

    Don’t you just hate it when that happens!! My sewing machine did that to me this past summer, but after a check-up at the sewing hospital…she was as good as new. I know that I sure felt lost without it. Hope nothing serious is wrong with your machine and you’ll be back to sewing before you know it.

  5. boysmum2 says:

    I feel for you and hope the machine gets better soon

  6. Love your busy work…..Love the needlepunch. I’m taking a class on it in 4 weeks. I can’t wait to learn how…….

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