dinners and lunches

Hello friends and neighbors!

We were invited to dinner Friday night by a very sweet older couple that my husband knows through work.

Mrs. D made the very best lasagna, homemade bread, and blueberry pie around! Yumm.  She uses all fresh and organic ingredients. No sugar and all that.  I am always so impressed by people who eat and cook so healthy.  Me?? Not so much. I am all about butter and sugar and all the bad for you stuff.

They were just the cutest couple ever. They reminded me of my parents.  They even stood in the door watching us and waving to us until we were out the driveway and down the street! awww

I made her a little pot holder from my tutorial as a hostess gift.  The second time around turned out much better.

Then today I met with my best friend from childhood for lunch.  I’ve known her and loved her since 3rd grade. It was lovely to catch up with her and her mom and her son who is already a JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL.   MAN i am old!!

So now that I am fully lunched and dinnered, I plan to settle in and finish up the Sugar Cookies pattern (from Moda Bake Shop) that my Mom and I cut out on our Wednesday together. I was racing Mom…but she won.  She just called and told me she is done….darn it!

I am using Mill House Inn by Fig Tree. Here is my progress thus far:

Next on the list is to start the Siggy Block quilt.  I have to share what a very,very sweet bloggy friend sent me!!!

A signed siggy block from Jo Morton herself!! Isn’t that the best!?! Thank you so much Lynda.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!!


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2 comments on “dinners and lunches

  1. Karen says:

    Your sugar cookie quilt is sweet enough to eat! Seriously, it looks wonderful The Mill house fabrics are perfect!
    Wow, lucky you! A signed block from Jo Morton! You deserve it for putting the siggie block exchange together!! Thank-you once again for doing the exchange. It was a lot of fun to do. (Although I’m sure a lot of work for you.)

  2. Jan says:

    What a lovely dinner and lunch! And what lovely “sugar cookies!” LOL at your Mom winning that little race 🙂 Such special times for you and her! Love all the Valentine’s decorations below 🙂 Just beautiful!

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