Thursday stuff

The girls had their Valentine’s Day party at school today because they have Fri and Mon off for mid-winter break.

The BG and I helped them fill out their Valentines cards last night while we were eating HOT bowls of chili.

Then I decided to surprise them with a little treat for when they got home from school.

Here are my finishes for today.

I finished quilting and binding the baby quilt for my niece.

I finished the binding on this Pieces of My Heart quilt kit my mom bought for me and I made a while ago.  We have only been using for ….oh…..about 5 years!! LOL

I finally machine sewed the binding on about a year or so ago and would work on the hand tacking every now and then when someone wasn’t using it to cover up on the couch or it wasn’t in the laundry.

crazy i know

And it’s not the only quilt we use daily without binding.  OH MY GOSH SLACKER!!

All is proper now!

Later Gators!


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6 comments on “Thursday stuff

  1. Ruth says:

    Can you finish some for me? lol See you Tuesday

  2. Brenda says:

    hahaha! That’s funny. It’s such a cute quilt. Might as well get that binding off before it frayes from too much laundering, LOL!
    I LOVE that blue quilt. It is gorgeous. I know she’ll treasure it. Two more finisheds in one day….I think the end is near…You can do it!

  3. Mary says:

    Chili and Valentines – what a perfect combination!!!! I remember those days.

    Your niece’s baby quilt looks awesome!

  4. Sue Cryderman says:

    I love the quilts you have been working on! Just lovely.

    I so remember those Valentine’s Day parties when I was a younger kid;) Oh What fun that is!!

    Have a great Valentine’s Day yourself!!

  5. Screen door says:

    OK– my favorite part of the photo is the tablerunner scrunched up out of the way—Looks just like my house. I see these people that eat on the quilts..OMG! We’re pigs at our house, the standard rule is “Move Mom’s quilt first!”

  6. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    Melissa ~ off the subject, but … if you’ve never been to a Bonnie Hunter (“Quiltville”) presentation I can’t encourage you enough to go. I read her blog this morning and I believe she’s coming to your area in March … perhaps a “girl’s night out” for you and your mom! Details are at

    I saw her when she was here in PA and she’s coming back to a guild in an adjacent area … I definitely plan on making the trip to see her again. Great evening!! Enjoy 😉

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