Quilts and Barns

I love old barns.  I really, really love old barns.  I wish I could live in one.

Remember when you got in trouble for being messy when you were little and your parents said, “you weren’t born in a barn!”

Opps that’s a little off track.

Back to barns:

What could be better than an old stately barn? Barns with quilt blocks on them!

Imagine my delight when I saw on fellow blogger Mary’s blog that there is an ADORABLE Free  Quilt Barn BOM going on at the Golden Thimble.


And if you explore further (click) you can take a tour of some fabulous barns with quilt blocks painted on them.

Here is a sample of some of my favorites :

What block would you paint on your barn?  I guess I would have to go with Corn and Beans lol!

Later Gators, Melissa

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7 comments on “Quilts and Barns

  1. Sue Cryderman says:

    I am SOOOOOOOOO glad you posted this! I absolutely LOVE old barns too. Oh what great photos!
    This block of the month sounds fantastic!
    It’s so funny that you said you wish you could live in one. You can’t know how many times I’ve thought that same thing.
    Thank you, thank you for posting this!!


  2. Mary says:

    I love all of the pictures, Melissa, and am so glad you have shared them with us. I especially like the one that goes around the corner on that barn. Amaxing!!!!

    I wonder what one I would choose if I had to pick ONLY one. Hmmmm. Are you joining the ine BOM for them?

  3. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    Wow … tough question. Well, the Log Cabin is my most favorite block of all because of its diversity of use. BUT … I love the Birds in the Air block and Lady of the Lake blocks … I might have to own several barns!! LOL Great thread 😉

  4. Cindy says:

    I love old barns with the quilt blocks on them. Every year when we go to Tenn…we go through KY and pass many barns with quilt blocks. I actually took photos of many of them last year. And I just recently discovered that the county next to ours has a barn tour with quilt blocks that you can take. They give you a map of 40 barns and you drive through the county to see them…hope to do that this Spring or Summer.
    Thanks for sharing the photos of these barns with us. Love them all!!

  5. Ruth says:

    My barn is not an old stately one but you missed putting up a picture of my barn

  6. LOVE these! I still remember all the barns on the way to TENN from LA as a child, which read: SEE ROCK CITY! I have a birdhouse like that over here on the island and folks get a kick out of it. Yes, I’m with you with loving to live in one! We had one as a child that was big and red, trimmed in white w/maple trees down both sides of the road and the big New England farmhouse. All those old hand hewn beams! Well, if I had one today, I’d have to paint SEE ROCK CITY on the roof, but would definately put a quilt block on each end. Now, which blocks!?!?! hmmm

  7. The pictures are great!

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