The wish lists

As some of you may remember we were going to be moving to Portland, OR starting about this time last year.

The BG had been informed that they were cutting his department with the city.  So he found a job in Portland.

Then we found out that we were unable to move until our youngest daughter was officially adopted. (She is now!)

After that,  it changed almost daily whether we were going to move or not.  So I just stopped talking about it because it was so very confusing. I  told the BG to tell me when it was over, and where we were going to be living.

THEN it was decided that we would DEFINITELY be moving at the end of December.

About a week before we were to move, the city offered him his dream job.

SHEW…pretty close to the wire huh?

So now we are staying in Michigan.

Our lease is up on the town house at the end of the month, so we started looking for houses to rent or possibly buy.

I made a wish list of things our new home must have:

1. A dining room. I had missed having a dining room soooooo badly these last two years in the townhouse.

2. LOTS of windows.  I need way more light than we have had here.

3. It had to have enough rooms for me to have a sewing room of course!

Well we found a home that fit the bill last week and are set to move in on April 1st!

This home is available to rent or buy, but after much discussion we decided to rent the home for a year and find out if we like it.

I’ll take some before and after pics when we start to move in.

Now I needed to make a new wish list!  Things I wanted to buy for the new place.

I have checked a couple off the list, while others will remain just a wish! LOL

We purchased two new living room chairs from Target. They have a great deal going on 15% off PLUS free shipping!! They should be here tomorrow :

And I needed new dinning room chairs because ours are about 10 years old and have been used and abused!!

So yesterday we packed the kids into the minivan and drove to Ikea near Ann Arbor Michigan.

OH MY GOSH this store is so much fun isn’t it?

We bought six new dining room chairs:

Some new dishes and silverwear:

2 Pillows, bowls, and a clock all for around $200.00. WOW did I mention I LOVE this store?

NOW I have 2 last things on my wish list!

Have you seen the kitchen appliances from Big Chill?

I have been drooling over these for a couple years!! Unfortunately I don’t have the $10,000 it would take to deck my kitchen out in this retro coolness.  What color would you choose?

I would also like to find a nice butcher block table for the kitchen:

It’s good to have wishes, don’t you think? What have you been wishing for?

Later Gators!


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11 comments on “The wish lists

  1. Jane says:

    I am so happy for you!!! I would die and go to heaven with a pink kitchen!!! holy moly!!
    Love your new things, Ikea is so fun!! Again, very happy for you and the family!!!

  2. Sue Cryderman says:

    I am so happy for you and your family! Yes! It’s always nice to have wish lists. Lately I’ve been crankin’ a few things out (off) of my wish list as they are coming true.
    A sewing room is a must have even if it’s just a bedroom. I don’t know what I’d do without mine. In fact, mine is being made over as we speak…so no sewing projects lately, but that’s okay because in the end it will be more organized 😀

    I LOVE the Big Chill appliances and one day dream of having some of my own…when that kitchen remodel takes place 😀 (again, always nice to be able to wish)

    Enjoy your new home and congratulations !!


  3. Tammy says:

    Congratulations on BG’s dream job and not having to move. Although the Portland area is beautiful and a GREAT place to shop, being close to family where you are is far better. Congrats on the house and while I don’t envy you having to move, it sounds like it’s a good thing for your whole family and with more room it will be great to host family get togethers and such. Hooray for you all!!! Hugs!!

  4. Mary says:

    Wow!!! Nothing like keeping you on the edge of your seats as far as where you are going to live. Yikes! I am glad that it is settled and you can start making your house a home. It is so smart to rent it for a year.

    Me???? RED, for sure!

  5. Michelle says:

    Congratulations!!! Great news after a year of uncertainty!

  6. Cindy says:

    Congrats on your husband getting his dream job.

    Yes…it is good to have a wish list!!

    You got some great things at Ikea…I love that store. We haven’t been there in awhile, but I hope we get to go back soon.

    Hope that your move to your new home goes smoothly.

  7. Asiyah says:

    Congrats! Those appliances are so cool!

    We are in our dream home. If I could add anything, I would buy a pew and long table for our kitchen. I’ve always wanted a church pew but haven’t found one yet.

  8. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    Congrats on the new job and new digs … good idea to rent for a year but home ownership is wonderful … prices and interest rates have never been better … we’ll be starting to build our retirement property near Traverse City, MI this time next year … I am so excited already so I can relate to you 😉 I’m a stainless steel girl … and I decorate all around it with color. Colors in appliances change too often so I chose a neutral palate for the expensive stuff and go wild on the stuff I can easily change. Have you ever checked out Crate & Barrel? A little more than IKEA but same idea. Their sales are awesome!! I also LOVE Pottery Barn … check the sales out on both of those sites!! Can’t wait to see the pictures! The girls must be REALLY excited. Can they stay in their same school district??

  9. Jennifer says:

    I’m happy for you Melissa! I love your new chairs. I bet your crafy dad could make that butcher block table huh? Oh daddy…… Good luck! Jenn

  10. Brenda says:

    How exciting!!!! I hate moving but I love the endless possibilities fo an empty house. It’s like a blank canvas. And as you pack to move, remember, if you don’t LOVE it, DON’T take it with you. Load up the “until I get a better one” pieces and drive them to good will. You will replace them faster if you don’t have them. If you don’t miss them, you didn’t need them in the first place. I’m 45, you gotta trust me on this. LOL!
    Look for your butcher block table in the scratch and dent section of your high end furniture store…no kidding. You can also find them (At very affordable prices) in the unfinished furniture store. Always my favorite place to shop~!
    I can’t wait to see your new pad, I’m giddy with excitement for you. Hope the move is smoothe. B=)

  11. Libby says:

    Good to hear that you are getting to stay in Michigan *s* Enjoy setting up in your new home – it’s tiresome, but worth it in the end.

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