I used to be a quilter…

Now I am more of a shopper.  Oh dear readers, can I just complain to you for a moment?

I could not be more out of sorts living in this:

Yes that is my living room! And much of the rest of the house looks the same, including my sewing room where I USED TO quilt the day away.

But not any of that happening now.

Needless to say, that is why I haven’t been blogging much lately.  Mostly I have been going shopping, getting my haircut, tanning, and anything else that gets me out of the house.  I realized I haven’t had a hair cut in about 6 years, or new clothes in a long time….so maybe it’s not all that bad living in boxes. LOL  At least I will look better for it.

We had a very nice Easter spent at my Mom and Dad’s house. We hit church in the morning and had dinner in the afternoon after the Easter Egg hunt.  The girls looked so pretty in their new Easter dresses.

Here we are dying eggs (amongst the boxes) at our place.

Here are the girls all dressed up and playing with some of their Easter Basket loot at Grandma and Papa Bob’s:

Hunting Eggs.

We have been going on lots of bikes rides.  It has been so beautiful.  I did find my white basket for the front of my bike!  It is so handy for all the things we need on a bike ride.

Here is a shot of us riding to town for dinner before the weather turned warm:

I finally came out of denial and went grocery shopping.  We had been going out to dinner for a couple weeks because I didn’t want to buy groceries and then have to move them to the new house.

I went out to lunch with two sweet friends Jane and Nancy, and to pick up a HUGE pile of quilts at the Quilters house.

I was such a nice day! I have missed those two girls! (Hi Jane!)

Here are the four I got back:

They’ll have to wait for their bindings until we get moved. =(

Speaking of moving we are crossing our fingers that we have found the place.  We are just waiting to hear back from the owner hopefully today.

Will keep you posted.  If you don’t hear from in a few weeks , you will know that we are finally moving!

Later Gators, Melissa

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12 comments on “I used to be a quilter…

  1. Libby says:

    I can surely sympathize with you and the ‘box allergies’ Hang in there . . . . soon it will all be put away again and life may even begin to feel a touch normal *s*

  2. It’s almost over…. I’ve been there, done that! Great bonding time!!! (wink!)
    So glad you gave us all a post to let us know you are okay and an update. Looks like all things considered, you are doing great! so happy to know this. The girls looked so pretty in their Easter dresses! I love their stylish little sweaters and dresses and hair so pretty. Lucky young ladies, got the world by the tail!!! 🙂
    Your quilts are beautiful! I was thinking, could you somehow get those bindings sewn on one side, so that you’d have hand work to do to finish them!??!? hmmm..
    Your quilts really are gorgeous! and the quilting is beautiful also! wow!
    Thanks again for the update and the girls will remember this forever with a smile in their heart. You’ll see…

  3. Jennifer says:

    Oh Melissa! The girls look so pretty all dressed up in their Easter dresses! They look like they both have grown a foot since the last pics you shared – from the first day of school I think. Beautiful quilts too. I’m sure it is just eating you alive not to have all of your things in their place. I’ll be crossing my fingers for you guys to get the place you have your heart set on and can get in and get all settled real soon. Best of luck! I think of you OFTEN, when I glance over at my civil war siggy blocks! hehe Still not put together……way too many other projects ahead of them. Good luck! Jenn

  4. Asiyah says:

    I love those quilts and the girls looked great!

  5. Di says:

    Wishing only good things for this move and that it will be really soon–we don’t want you to forget how to quilt now do we!!! the girls are soooo cute in their Easter outfits–you are doing a great job with them–they are very lucky girls!!!
    thinking of you–you can keep us updated even if you don’t have much to say or show us–oh and those quilts are just beautiful—
    Hugs, Ei

  6. Brenda says:

    I’ve missed you sooo much! =( But I’m filled with hope that you will soon be in a place where you can hang your hat, and unpack your treasures. I’m saying a little prayer for you. I know you can use all the help you can get.
    The girls look gorgeous in their Easter dresses; I hope they are weathering the moving storm well. I can only imagine how hard it would be to move with little ones in tow… Hang in there Buddy! I’ll be waiting for you when you’re done. Lots of hugs B=)

  7. Good luck!, It is not fun living out of boxes!

  8. Jan says:

    Awwwwww, loved seeing the girls in their Easter outfits! They are soooooooo adorable! Not so adorable on that living room tho, you poor dear! You must be ready to punch something or someone!!! God willing, this too shall pass and soon 🙂 The quilts are gorgeous and would love to see a picture of your new hair cut! You take care 🙂

  9. Penny Globe says:

    Don’t despair. Your will get back to normal. Good Luck.

  10. Pat McDonald says:

    Haven’t seen a post from you in awhile. Hope you and your family are almost settled into a new place.(And not still living out of boxes!) In a few months, this will just be a bad memory and I’m sure you’ll see the funny side to it. Hang in there and I look forward to reading about your move soon. May God bless you at this difficult time. Pat McDonald

  11. Brenda says:

    I miss you! I hope you are having fun and not losing your mind as you transform your new house into a home.
    I know how overwhelming it can be. Hope the girls are adjusting well and that the BG is helping you out with the heavy lifting, LOL!
    Big,BIG hugs to you. Send me your new address… I want to make sure I don’t lose you as you globetrot! LOL! B=)

  12. HEllllloooo!!!! I’m standing at your door, knocking with a lemon pie in my hand, made from the last of my lemons….. MISS YOU! I know you are busy, but wanted you to know that if I were your neighbor I’d be there with a pie! 🙂
    MISSSSS YOU! Hope all is well. XO

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