Oh my ! Summer seems to be flying by.  I find myself reluctant to sit inside and type a blog entry when the weather is so fine and there is summer fun to be had.

We’ve been going to the beach, vacationing, and having a blast!

The girls and I made up a couple of cute summer dresses a couple weeks ago.  It was their first sewing project.  They were naturals!  I think I may be raising a couple of budding quilters, yeaaaaah! They used my old starter machine first of all because it’s simple and second of all my silly machine has been at Baby Lock headquarters being repaired all summer.

Here is how they look!

I finally finished the QUILT FROM HELL for my husbands old boss.  I blogged about it in the past.  I am just happy to be done with it and all those tiny black lines.

I must admit I was a bit sad to part with it after all the work.

It’s a Frank Lloyd Wright quilt.

Here’s the BG holding it up for me:

I hope you all are enjoying the summer as much as we are.

Later Gators!


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  1. kaholly says:

    Sweet girls! Glad they like to sew. And glad to hear you are enjoying your summer. I love the photo of that unique fence! Your quilt from hell is just gorgeous. I take it you won’t be making another real soon? Enjoy the rest of your summer. Hug on those girls lots and lots. ~karen

  2. Sue says:

    That’s really neat that your girls are learning to sew! How cool is that? Been wondering where ya took off to. It’s been a bit warm here in Michigan this summer hasn’t it? I’m ready for some kind of a cool-down.

    That quilt you made for the boss is nice. I sure hope they appreciate all your hard work:)

    Enjoy your summer days.

  3. Asiyah says:

    Hey stranger! I know exactly what you mean about blogging during the summer. There’s too much life to be lived to be sitting in front of a computer, lol.

    Love the quilt. It’s so deco. Good job!

    P.S. Where the girls terrified of the machine? I tried to teach Elliot but I think 5 is a little to young yet.

  4. Girls you are both doing such a wonderful job with you sewing. They look so cute on you. You should be very proud of yourselfs. I didnèt make a dress for myself till I was in grade 8. Keep up the good work. Tell you mom thanks for showing us your work.
    Mom I love the quilt you did for your husband old boss. Hes very luck to be getting it if I were you I would of said it got damage. Just kidding.

  5. I want your fence!! Your girls look like they’re doing well on the sewing front. Its nice to see children who are willing to actually get involved rather than just watching the tv!!

  6. Marie says:

    Your girls are adorable in their new dresses. I know they must be proud of what they did. The Frenk Lloyd Wright quilt is wonderful.
    Marie NC

  7. Jennifer says:

    YES!! Two more quilters in the works! Good job Melissa! hehe I hae that same ladybug fabric to make my daughter a top with too. Too short to be a dress on her as she just turned 9 and is already 5 foot tall! Looks cute with leggings though. Sounds like your summer is awesome so far. Stay cool. Tx heat is around 100+ these days! Take care, Jenn

  8. Brenda says:

    It’s so good to see you’re all doing so beautifully this Summer. I have to tell you, your craftsman style quilt is wonderful. I would have been reluctant to “hand it over” too… I’d be tugging a little if you know what I mean, LOL!
    I can’t believe you have those girls sewing already. HMMM. I wonder if child labor laws apply to quiltmaking, LOL! Oh wait, my sister started her sewing journey sewing dresses too… and now she’s a super quilter, like you! She taught my niece to sew when she was really young too. I’m so jealous. I wish I had learned before I was 40. It’s sad when you need tutoring from your niece, whose diapers you changed…I’m just sayin’, LOL~!

  9. Flatlander says:

    I am a HUGE Frank Lloyd fan and that “quilt from Hell” is absolutely gorgeous. WHERE did you get the pattern?? The girls are, as always, beautiful. Their smiles light up the room! Enjoy the summer … time passes too quickly.

  10. Clydene says:

    Love that fence! How fun that your girls show an interest in sewing .

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