I have been gathering and crafting up some Spooky Halloween items  to make a little scary witches lab in a corner of our house.

She has all her bottles, potions, spells books, hat and broom gathered.

Her desk and pet crow’s are ready for a night of brewing up spells.

If you want to make some witches candles for your table just cut up some scrap book paper, or old book pages, or old newspaper the about 1/4 inch longer than  the height of your candle.

Glue or tape it around your candles with the extra 1/4 of paper on the top side,  then take them outside to burn the edges.  I just held the lighter to the edges and blew out the flame when it burned down to the wax part.

Now don’t they just look so nice and scary?


later gators, melissa

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  1. Mary says:

    Cute, Melissa!

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