New loot.

I bought a cool blanket crane a few shopping trips ago with my Mom.  It sat in the corner for quite some time.  I think I forgot about it.

I finally had the BG hang it up for me on Sunday, because on my Friday shopping trip with my Mom I bought a new bittersweet sign and I thought they would look nice together. LOL  Now I just need a “bittersweet” quilt to hang on it. hmmm to the design board?

I just love bittersweet.  I wish I could find some growing around where we live.  I keep my eyes pealed, but haven’t seen any.

When I was young my Grandma Mac used to come visit us in the fall for an apple orchard and bittersweet hunt.  So bittersweet always reminds me of her.


We also stopped by this cute little shop in an old school house in Kalamazoo.  I found these adorable necklaces:

I’m not sure sewing is “cheaper” than therapy (I guess it depends on how big your stash is), but it is definitely more fun!


I have been really excited for golf season to end.  Why? Because that means my Dad will want to tinker in his wood shop. LOL

Here are some things I have ordered up from Dad.

A candle keep to hang on a peg. SO CUTE!

A cool divided box, to hold   I don’t know…..stuff.

A tray to put on top of the stove.  Just so …you know…. you can display more stuff. LOL

I’ll show you what he comes up with, but since the weather has been so beautiful, it may be awhile.  The man’s gotta golf while the golfin’s good. =)

Later gators!




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4 comments on “New loot.

  1. Lizzie says:

    You have the absolute collest stuff. I love the blanket crane! I have an antique dryer that is a similar concept. I need to get it out and hang small quilts on it! You are so lucky to have a woodmaker in the family. Love the candle holder on the peg. Love your blog! Lizzie

  2. terry cortez says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have never seen or heard of a “blanket crane” – but love it. Where did you buy it? And do they do mail order? Also, is that one of your quilts on the crane? If so, it is adorable, would love to know the pattern maker(I’m guessing Jo Morton – am I right?) Boy, so many questions. Good luck with your pattern business.

    Terry in So. Calif.

  3. Hi Terry!! Yep that is a Jo Morton quilt from her book “Yesterday’s Charm.” I would like to make every quilt in that book, they are all so cute. I bought my blanket crane from The Granary, a shop in Coldwater, MI. She doesn’t have a selling web site, but if you Google blanket crane I bet you could find some shop that will ship one. Take Care! melissa

  4. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    Melissa ~ I love, love, love bittersweet, also. Have tried to get it to grow in my area (PA) but not done well. My husband tells me that it is a very invasive plant and that a lot of times people will do whatever they can to get rid of it. Anywway, definitely plan on having some at our retirement place near Traverse City … it’s so beautiful.


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