Self doubt and other thoughts…

I have finished two more designs and they are going off to the quilter on Sunday.

I had no idea that turning my quilt ideas into real quilts would make me so tempestuous.

The excitement is peaking when you first start cutting into the first bits of fabric.  By the time you put the last border on you are asking yourself, “Did I just waste 4 days making this quilt?”  “Is this the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen?”  The next thing you know, you are in a rotten mood and even the thought of making dinner makes you want to climb in bed and pull the covers over your head.

If you just walk away and stop looking at the quilt, a few days later you MIGHT be thinking, Hey this is kind of cute, it does work….I think???

Has this happened to you?

ENTER DREAMWORLD:  where all my quilt heroes like  Lynda Hall (Primitive Pieces by Lynda), Terri Degenkolb (Whimsicals), Linda Brannock,  Jo Morton, Jan Patek, and the Buggy Barn girls, and I have a slumber party.  They would share all their “getting started” stories with me and make me feel better.  Then we would eat a whole pan of fudge and popcorn… EXIT DREAMWORLD.

Until all the ladies call me, I have to settle for The BG telling me to keep going.

Yesterday we spent some time in the park that is approximately 20 steps from our house.  What a blessing to have a park 20 steps from your house!  The girls and the BG threw a football around and Sony chased sticks.

Sony is an expert stick chaser.

Later Gators!






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3 comments on “Self doubt and other thoughts…

  1. Mary says:

    I know exactly what you mean!!! Yours look beautiful though.

    What a gorgeous park! How blessed to have it so close to you.

  2. Kathi says:

    That’s probably why I have to bring each daughter into my quilt room for their opinions, then my husband and at least one quilting buddy when they happen to stop by. After we work on something for so many hours, it loses a little of its pizzazz and we know its flaws intimately. If I put it away for even a few days and then bring it out again, sometimes I even amaze myself at how darn cute it is. Yours look great, and I bet when you get them back after being at the quilter for a few days, you’ll want to show them off to the world. Can’t wait to see them.

  3. Libby says:

    The sneak peek looks pretty good from here *s*

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