Working in my Elf shop

The last few days I have been reminded how glad I am that I decorate early for the Christmas season, because I have been craftin, and sewin, and playin’ in my sewing room while most people are just now dragging out the Christmas boxes from their attics and basements.

So all of you who make fun of me (you know who you are, giggle)- who’s laughing now??  It’s all romantic night lit trees, hot chocolate and candy canes for me baby!! LOL

Every year I wonder what in the world I could possible make for gifts, I keep thinking that the ideas are going to dry up.  Thankfully there is the internet and the awesome crafty goodness of Blog land.

I am returning to the Marker Rolls this year for teacher gifts.  The girls’  teachers loved them so much last year, and  since this is a new batch of teachers,  I am gifting them with a marker roll of their own.  If you Google “pencil roll,” or “marker roll” you can find lots of tutorials.

I finished those up last week.

This next idea I am super excited about. I just love them!  Paper/plastic wallets.

Jodie from Ric Rac wrote up a tutorial on her blog and the cool alarm started ringing! You could use just anything! Fishing maps, phone book pages, comic book pages, newspaper articles, C.D. covers, magazine pic’s.  They are super sturdy.   Can you tell I am loving them?

So all the guys ( and maybe some of the girls and definitely me) in our families are getting a super Mod  paper/plastic wallet this year.

Here are some I have done.


Next on the list:

* a book bag for my niece

*a sleeping mask for my daughter Patience

*pot holders for all the girls in the family (I am going to put together a little kitchen bundle with wooden spoons and recipe cards)

What are you making for Christmas this year?

Ho Ho Ho


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2 comments on “Working in my Elf shop

  1. Mary says:

    Why do you keep posting such great ideas???? I want to make them all, Melissa!!!! I love those wallets. Maybe I should start in January for next year.

  2. So far I’ve made 3 snap bags, about a dozen zipper bags for my quilting friends. (I use the doodle cloths that I practice new quilting designs on,) 2 10 minute table runners, a pieced and quilted table runner. I still have to do a couple of embroidered shirts and make a couple of new shirts for my husband. Love your blog, just found it today.

    Mary Ann

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