Elfin’ in the shop

Ho Ho Ho, how are my fellow Christmas Elves out there doing?

I have been making a mess and sewing up a storm in my sewing room ALL DAY.

I finished a book bag for my niece:

Then I  made 5 patchwork scarves with BIG BUTTONS for some ladies in my life.

(it’s really hard to get a picture of a scarf by yourself…i need a blog assistant hehehe, first I tried to hold the camera away from me.)

(then I tried the mirror thing)

(then I gave up)

I better go make dinner before my family leaves me for someone who cooks instead of sews!!

Happy Weekend to you,


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One comment on “Elfin’ in the shop

  1. Steve! says:

    I love you, Melissa! You’re awesome. Keep sewing … and cooking. 🙂

    -Steve R.

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