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MAN is it cold here in Michigan.  I asked The BG last night if it is just me or is this the coldest winter ever.  I went to bed last night with a hat, scarf, sweatshirt, and socks on.  He and I both guessed that it is my age. Getting older lowers your tolerance for cold we think.

Solution? Move to Hawaii. I will work on that.

I cut up the wool into blocks on Monday…that was hard.  I really liked looking at the pile of wool.

But here is what the blocks made:

A very heavy woolie top! I will have to wait until after the holidays to buy the wool batting and back.  It’s gonna cost a bit more than I have in the budget before Christmas. I think I will just tie it instead of doing any embroidery or quilting on it because the seams didn’t come together very straight.  It wasn’t  like sewing with cotton where all the seams butt up nicely.  OH WELL though it just makes it look more old, worn, loved.

I can just picture us taking it to football games at our kids’ colleges someday.

Last night I decided to work a little on my “forever quilt.”

A forever quilt is a quilt that takes your FOREVER to make!!!

I bought the book and fabric for this quilt in 2006, then I shared the first block from this quilt that I finished ..oh….about a year ago or something.

This is block number two:

I anticipate that this quilt will be finished in 10 years or so if I do a block a year..then the borders..okay it might take forever but lets shoot for 2020. hahahaha

It’s not even that I don’t like it anymore.  I actually really love that quilt.  Motivation is just always low for working on it.

Do you have a forever project?

Later Gators!


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10 comments on “forever quilts

  1. Sandra says:

    Great work! Love the Sampler fabric also on the other…
    Why not go to goodwill n get wool trousers/jackets to cut up n use on back?!,,just an idea. My husband has such pretty wool trousers and Harris tweed coats that I keep trying to sneak out of his closet. As a retired lawyer for more than 15yrs, I figure he won’t miss them, but haven’t gotten brave enough yet…lol
    I see so many down here in south at goodwill. I guess folks move from north with them?
    Your work is gorgeous and loved your decorations!xo

  2. Darlene says:

    Oh it’s too beautiful to not do some primitive embroidery on it… have it go across your seams and it won’t be noticed as much.. I am truly inspired….

  3. Erika Sews says:

    Forever quilt – I love it! I actually have had an idea for making a quilt in my head for the past several years, and my New Years resolution is to make it happen!

    Have you checked out all the great quilting links posted at yet? I think you would like some of the projects, patterns and tutorials that are free!

  4. Libby says:

    I’m working on a wool quilt, too. I love how it wonderful it is to work with – though you are so right about losing some ‘accuracy’ when it comes to things like seams and points. I’m nothing if not flexible *s*

    As for my forever project – it’s the hexagon star project. It got pushed to the side in favor of the larger hexagon diamonds. But it is definitely a quilt that will be finished. Maybe not until I have checked into the ‘home’ but it will be finished!

  5. Kathi says:

    You need to buy yourself a heated mattress pad. It’s one the best purchases I made years ago when we lived in northern Virginia. I turn it on each night an hour or 2 before bedtime and when we get in, it’s all nice and warm especially down by our feet. I got the kind that is warmer at your feet and also has dual controls. I even use it in the summer if the air conditioning makes it a bit chilly. In the meantime, pile up the quilts!

  6. boysmum2 says:

    Love the picture of the quilt on the fence in the snow, makes it look all warm and snug

  7. Sherri says:

    I want to make the same forever quilt you’re making…hoping to start it in 2011! thanks for the reminder!

  8. LoriD says:

    Your wool quilt turned out terrific!!
    The forever quilt is very nice- sometimes we need a project that we know we’ll be taking our time doing. I think it makes it more enjoyable.

  9. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    Is that “a” singular or plural. ALL my quilts are “forever” quilts … I never, ever seem to get anything done. Need to win the lottery or something so I can quit the 12-14 hour day job and just sew … man, do I need to retire!! LOL

  10. Jean says:

    I have more forever projects than I care to admit!!!! My adivise to you: electric blanket. I even use one here in California. Can’t go a night in the winter without it. Take care and Happy Holidays!

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