We had a very nice extra long weekend, how about you?

Saturday I met with my Mom to do a little antique shopping and I found a new sign and an old crock. Delish!

Sunday we had one of The BG’s brother and wife, and his Mom and Dad over for dinner.  We even got out the linen’s and set a real table. It turns out that The BG is a pretty awesome napkin folder. He made fancy fans. That was fun, it felt like playing house! LOL   We played Wii and cards well into the evening, what a fun night!

Yesterday for the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday, the household mostly spent it chillin’ out reading, watching t.v., playing video games, while I stitched on my sampler. I’m probably an hours worth or work away for having it done!

Friday I was poking around and found Pattern Mart.  How cool is that? You can buy and download patterns in a heartbeat and start working on them right away!  So you know I did just that.

I stitched up this little cupboard keep from Jenny Hoffman.  I had to improvise an “M” for Melissa because the pattern had a “C” there.

Then I had to make this little needle case by Stacy Nash. I got a little to carried away with the “Distress it” spray on this one LOL

I had some really nice wool floss that I used to put primitive stitches around the outside seam.

After making a couple of these I figure it can’t be that hard to make up your own patterns, so I printed out some cross stitch graph paper and think I will try to make a little design sometime this week.

I have been cooking up a couple new quilt patterns too and hope to have those started sometime this week.  So many ideas, so little time! LOL

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Later Gators,


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  1. Mary says:

    What a great job you are doing on your cross stitch!!!! I am so impressed!!! I might have to come steal that great crock. It is gorgeous.

  2. Hi Mary!

    Thank you so much! I have been having fun doing it. I finished it a couple days ago and just got back from taking it to get it framed. Wow that is expensive. I guess all my hobbies h

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