the scene where she discovers needle art is not cheap

How’s your January going? It sure is chugging right along isn’t it? The Brooding Genius and I were talking last night about how fast life is going through the end of our 30’s.  I’ll be saying goodbye to my 30’s this year…scary!  Not scary that I’ll be 40, I don’t mind that…but just how FAST it went to get there.

I have been keeping really busy around here.  I designed and pieced  a new little quilt (not quilted yet, just the top,) finished my Blackbird Designs sampler, made up a few other little freebie cross stitch projects, cooked, cleaned, and fried up the bacon in a pan!! LOL

I took my sampler to have it framed…WOW sticker shock on that one.  One hundred seven dollars to frame a 5 1/2  x 7 1/2 inch piece.  YIKERS.  But I guess we pay that much and way more to have our quilts quilted….sooo  what did I expect right?

Here’s what I did with some freebie cross stitch charts shared around the blog world.

A little pin cushion by Primitive Betty’s . (Jane if you are reading this those are some of the little rusty bells you gave me ages ago! Thank you .)

I tried my hand at making a wall pocket using Timtex (very heavy duty interfacing similar to what you would find in the brim of a baseball hat.)

The cross stitch part came again from Primitive Betty’s freebies and the vintage photo from The Graphics Fairy.

Eww….and I was so excited about this. I did a little antique shopping last week and found some little frogs that I had been longing for.  For now I just put Valentine prints in them from The Graphics Fairy.

I’ll be back in a couple days to share a couple of projects I am working on if they turn out decently! LOL

Later Gators!



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4 comments on “the scene where she discovers needle art is not cheap

  1. boysmum2 says:

    I turned the big 40 in Nov, I have to agree that it seemed to get here very fast, but doesn’t seemed to have affected how I feel, in fact I feel younger at present, but then I did get a crazy hair cut and colour etc so feel wonderful, roll on 50!

  2. Kathi says:

    Will you be making a pattern for your wall pocket? I thought that was a really cute idea. I’ve used Timtex before for fabric bowls and I thought they turned out great. But I was wondering what else I could use it for.

  3. Mary says:

    Awww….you’re still so young!

    I love all of your cute work. I hadn’t thought of using a frog for that purpose. I will have to dig mine out and repurpose them.

  4. Jane Cleveland says:

    Hey! I don’t remember those bells being so tiny! Your cross-stitch is coming along great. I’m very proud of you! You’re a crafty savant!! LOL

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