winter dabbling #1

I promise this is still a quilting blog…but I’m sidetracked AND the quilts I am working on are for new patterns sooooooo….

I thought I would share some little projects I have been dabbling with.

Today’s project is a School girl slate.

I found a really adorable antique school slate while antiquing with my Mom and month or so ago.  I snapped that baby right up, but when I went to pay for it, the lady at the counter didn’t think that the correct price tag was connected to it.  I’m not sure if she thought I switched it or what…needless to say she wouldn’t let me buy it.  I left my name and number so that when the booth owner okay-ed the purchase they could call me.  It never happened (bummer.)

So when I was in Hobby Lobby and saw some little slates for  $2 and $3,  I said to myself, “self you should pick these up!”

So I brought them home and stained/bri waxed em.

Then I had the Brooding Genius drill some holes for me in the tops (I could have done this part, but why should I when I have a perfectly good husband to do it for me, hahaha.)  One slate got a jute strap, the other got a leather strap.

Then I made a little bag to hold the chalk for my imaginary school girl.

Here is my first attempt at a cross stitch chart  and my very professional (not) way of sharing it with you.  Maybe you can click on the picture, save, then print if you want to make one just like mine.

I ran the leather strap through the casing in my little chalk bag and through the holes in the slate, leaving it long enough to tie a knot at the top for hanging.

Someone’s ready for school!

The other slate is for the kids and I to play with and leave notes for eachother.

Later Gators!



5 comments on “winter dabbling #1

  1. Melissa says:

    Hi Melissa : ) That is such a cute idea! And a great pattern! I can’t believe you are just getting started with the cross stitch – you don’t look like a beginner! Thanks for sharing. : )

  2. Mary says:

    Oh my; now you’re designing! Looks like you’ve grabbed the tiger by the tail.

    Looks great.

  3. Linda Clear says:

    Love your improvised slates…they are really cute. I can’t believe how well you’re doing on your cross stitch…everything looks great!

  4. Sandra says:

    Adorable! Great work! I like seeing ALL of the projects you are working on….

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