I received some lovely little trinkets yesterday in the mail from Silent Stitches.

They were the best price I found on ADORABLE little embroidery scissors.


Look how cute the packaging was


tiny scissors on the wrapping paper,        OH         MY         GOSH!    I was giddy.

Now for a peak  inside…..scissor LOVE.


I’m off for a sewing weekend at Mom’s house tomorrow.  Hope you all have a superb weekend!

Later Gators,



3 comments on “trinkets

  1. Tammy says:

    those are the cutest darn scissors I’ve ever seen!!

  2. Mary says:

    Those are adorable!!!!

  3. Julie Letvin says:

    So glad you shared the scissors – I went to their website and bought several pairs for myself! They are so cute! They were also kind enough to ask if they could post a link to my website under their “favorite links” so it was a double bonus!

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