Introducing Here and There’s

How is everyone making it through the big Blizzard of 2011?

Thankfully we made it through unscathed.  The BG even went to work this morning! School was canceled obviously, but I just got a call that they are canceling it again tomorrow!! FUN.  Remember how happy you were to have a snow day when you were little?

I wanted to post my two newest quilt patterns because I have been working on writing the patterns all day, and that my friends is NOT the fun part of making up quilts!  So I am stopping and doing some fun writing instead.

I am going to make a series of smaller quilts that you can just throw Here and There.  Drape em, stack em, hang em, table top em.

They just go Here and There. HA

So here are two of the Here and There’s:

Here and There’s #1 called “Stitched in Cloth”

I made this using the 2 1/2 inch squares that I won from Blackbird designs.  They are such beautiful little fabrics.  It’s from their line called Antique Fair.

I was sick today as I was printing out the pattern covers for this and I realized I had spelled Stitched FREEKING wrong in the cross stitch!! Jeees o’ pete!

My husband looked at the cross stitch, my aunt and my mom looked at the cross stitch, everyone read that darn thing before I started doing the piecing on it and NO ONE said a word. LOL  So trust me when I say that the pattern is correct, but the sample isn’t.  And I’m not making another one right now, I am moving on.

If you would like to purchase a “Stitched In Cloth” pattern with “stitched” spelled correctly (I promise) they are $5.00 plus $1.00 shipping.  You can purchase it here by clicking the Buy Now button, on my pattern page (button under my banner,) or in my etsy shop (button on side bar.)

The next Here and There is called “Game Time.” It is designed to look like an old game board. I had fun making this one up… no words to stitch wrong! LOL

You can purchase the pattern the same ways as described above for $5.00 plus $1.00 shipping.

It’s time for my chocolate reward after a hard day’s work!

Later Gators,





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4 comments on “Introducing Here and There’s

  1. Melissa says:

    I love both of them! I love the idea of “Here and There’s”.
    Now how many people would even notice that stitched was spelled wrong on that piece? I didn’t until I read what you wrote! Maybe you could pass it off as intentional. : )
    I am wondering if you ever take a money order instead of going through etsy with a credit card?

  2. Linda Clear says:

    You’re right! None of us noticed the misspelled word! I wouldn’t worry about it….I think it is quite lovely. If I counted all the mistakes I made in most of my quilts I would be sorely disappointed! lol Isn’t that what gives a piece character?????!!!!

  3. Mary says:

    And I didn’t notice the misspelled word either!!

    I was in a cross stitch shop years ago before counted work was popular. A woman had bought a kit of stamped embroidery and was almost finished with the piece when she realized the manufacturer had misspelled ‘liberty.’ So it happens to the best of them.

  4. Pieceful Quilting says:

    I really love the small quilt patterns. It’s something that seems to be on every quilter’s list of things to do this year…and that is to make smaller quilts. That’s my goal for the year anyway. Hoping to feel as though I am accomplishing more 😀

    These patterns are sweet !

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