? border decisions ?

I’m truckin’ along on my Dresden plate quilt. I used a Bliss jelly roll for the plates and some white cotton out of my stash for the background.

I just need to hand stitch down the red circles and I will be ready to figure out borders.

Here’s my dilemma:

The finished size can’t be more that 43 inches because I am making it to fit this shelf in my sewing room:

(I’ve never had the gumption to finish that ugly one that has been hanging there FOREVER)

So the border can only be 4 inches on each side.  But I REALLY want to try a border that will be a challenge for me,  a border I have never tried.

At first I thought I would do just a plain white scalloped border like this :

(which I should probably still do because it wouldn’t look bad at only 4 inches)

Image from 20th Century Quilts

But when I started looking at antique Dresden plate quilts I fell in love with the Ice Cream Cone border:

Image from Q is for quilter.


I’m not so sure how an ice cream cone border would look at only 4 inches?? And can  I really handle a binding on all those curves?

I do have this book, so I think I will sit down tonight a read through it and see if it helps me figure some things out.

I hope your day is finding you trying new adventures!

Later gators!

Melissa =)

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6 comments on “? border decisions ?

  1. Sue says:

    Oh I thought that fabric in your Dresdens looked like Bliss. Isn’t that fun fabric. I have a ton of it!

    I’m really loving those and I need to make some too. But I don’t know what to tell you on the border. I’m thinking you’ll find some inspiration in that fantastic looking book. I don’t have that. Is it worth the buy? I love Darlene Zimmerman.

  2. Karen Beigh says:

    I just finished a Dresden Plate quilt top. I used left over blades for the border. The blades had a flat end so no curve problem. Yours will be beautiful with the curve.

  3. Mary says:

    Either would be stunning. It looks fabulous and will be perfect for that spot.

  4. Linda Clear says:

    Those happy colors are gonna look great in your sewing room!

  5. Ruth Dean says:

    Why is the one hanging there already ugly?

  6. Stephanie says:

    I love all things dresden. I love your fabric choice. I just finished my “dresden life’s work” and I never tire of seeing dresden plates.

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