Shasta compact update

The BG is coming along on replacing the water damaged wood in the camper.

AS SOON as he is done I am going to paint the interior a fresh coat of white, we’ll install a new floor, and then the sewing of the curtains and cushions shall commence.

We’ve pretty much decided on painting the exterior red on the bottom, white on the top, with the signature Shasta Z stripe being silver.

Here’s the cushion fabric I ordered.  I picked it up last night.

While shopping around I have been keeping my eye out for camper goodies!

I found a cute red polka dot rug at walmart,  some awesome melamine dishes at target,  and some adorable vintage pillow cases while antiquing with Mom.

I think I have decided to use my Darla fabric for the curtains??

It’s so fun! =)

Later Gators!



13 comments on “Shasta compact update

  1. Char says:

    Wow, great choices. I really like the rug!

  2. Sherry says:

    Its going to look so cute.

  3. Tammy says:

    oh my gosh it’s gonna be so cute. I can’t wait to see what you do once you get going. and what fun for the whole family!!

  4. Mary says:

    Oh such fun you are having!! I love the colors you have chosen.

  5. Julie Murphy says:

    Don’t forget to treat the curtains with some scotchguard so they don’t fade in the sun. It is going to look great!

  6. Mary says:

    This is going to be so darn cute that we’ll all be looking to buy one!

  7. kaholly says:

    Brings back lots of memories!! I hope you have as much fun as we did!!

  8. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    Great eye for color, Melissa … so much fun to watch the progress. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Asiyah says:

    So, so cool. This morning I passed by a trailer on sale on the way to work. I am so tempted to stop by and take a closer look.

  10. Betty Lou says:

    So cute and vintage, makes me want to go camping.

  11. I loved your choice for the curtains. You have an eye for things.

  12. Sarah says:

    You are going to have a blast! I bought a 62′ Mobile Scout six weeks ago (the Red Rover) he’s been camping 3 times and the outside paint is complete (silver top, red bottom- shasta design) used an air gun and did it ourselves with AMAZING results and including the gun the paint job cost about 100 bucks!! 🙂

  13. Julie says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE your new trailer. I want one so badly! I really enjoyed your website and will follow you and check in to see the progress you make. Please come visit my new blog, Ric Rac and Polka Dots. You will read in my profile how I dream of owning a trailer just like yours! Well, until then, I’ll watch your progress and dream of my own trailer!

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