I’ve been working on some patriotic stitchies for summer.  Isn’t handwork the best?  I’ve been stitching away while watching Mad Men with The BG.

I know we are always 5 years behind on television fads!  But really it’s the best way to watch…you have no commercials and no waiting!

I love the late 50’s/60’s sets and costumes, but JEEEESSSSH am I happy that men aren’t allowed to go around talking to us that way in the workplace anymore.


Here’s what I’ve gotten done. The “freedom” is a Stacy Nash I ordered from pattern mart.  And the eagle was a freebie download. I’m going to add  a word on the side ..maybe Liberty??

I had a very Ouchie moment yesterday while working on the camper cushions.

I sewed right through my finger!

  I was trying to turn the corner with all those layers of fabric and piping and such,  pushing, pushing and BAM my finger went right under the needle.

Of course your first reaction is to pull your hand away, and when I did  I broke the needle. Talk about hurt!! Yikes.

Thank goodness I only have one more cushion to go today!

Later gators~!


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7 comments on “needles

  1. Julie Letvin says:

    Oh my gosh – that hurts me just to think about it! I did that once and it was not nice! You would think we would learn to keep our fingers out of there!

  2. Kathi Thompson says:

    Oh, I can “sew” relate to your owie. Mine was with a rotary cutter and I still have some numbness leftover from last October. The price we pay for our love of fabric! Your cushion looks great. Love the fabric!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I just felt your pain. I hope it’s not to sore.

  4. Char says:

    Sorry about your accident, I hope you heal up fast. I did the same thing twice, years ago.

  5. Oh gosh!~I’m so sorry!~ As someone who did upholstery for 15 years professionally, let me tell ya, YOU HAVE DONE AN INCREDIBLE JOB GIRL!!!!! I’m impressed! Those box cushion corners are NOT easy!!!! wooooo hooooo
    I’ve done that before on a commercial walking foot machine and yes, you are right, the first instinct is to pull away. and yes, it DOES HURT!!! Better take care of it to keep it from getting infected. Keep pouring alcohol/poroxide over it and take care of it. Bless your heart.
    Love your handwork, it is so beautiful!
    I have not seen this series and we are the same way! We went through the entire episode of Northern Exposure last summer to “rewatch” it all through Netflix. We have 24 on so many DVD set, G loves that show! He’s into NCIS now…. lol Every time I walk into the den, it’s on. lol
    I don’t know how you do all you do, but keep on sharing it with us!!! XO

  6. Karen Beigh says:

    I am intrigued by the cross stitch fabric you used. Did you antique it or did it come that way? I like the variation in color density on the pieces.

  7. Deb Carlson says:

    Been there, done that! That hurts for a good long while. Your cushions are beautiful. Your cross stitch would look great in my house! Where oh where did you get those great scissors?? I need me a pair of those. Cannot wait to see your trailer finished. Should be sooooooooo cute!! Thanks for your help with the scissors. Deb C

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