Summer Greetings! Shasta Update

Hi Bloggy friends!

I have to say that this will probably be one of the few posts I make this summer. So I am just stopping in to say hello, and that I will be around but probably sporadically for the next month or two.

  We’ve just been so busy with end of the school year field trips,  summer soft-ball for the girls, and fixing up the Shasta camper.  As Sue was saying earlier, Michigan summers are just so dang short you really have to enjoy the heck out of them while they last.  Our girls still aren’t out of school for the summer yet, but we are itching to get out, travel, camp, and swim.

We aren’t done with the complete Shasta renovation, but we are as close as we are going to be with the bigger things waiting until the fall.  OF COURSE with the exception of the FUN PART: finding/making cute decorations for the inside,  we will continue with the outside painting and wings this fall.

Here’s were we started:

We actually had so much fun working on this camper together.  We would just get a six pack of beer, turn up some great music and hang out.  It makes me wish we had another one to fix up! LOL

Then after new screens, new birch to patch water damage, new paint, new floor, new cushions….

Here’s the after so far:

We will still put new Formica on our table and the kitchen counter, but we just want to go CAMPING!! (GRIN)

Sending you all big hugs and wishes for a fabulous summer, we’ll check in when we can!

Later Gators!


edit: Kathy your awesome picture is going in there!! I forgot to put it in before I took these pic’s =(


14 comments on “Summer Greetings! Shasta Update

  1. Linda Clear says:

    I just knew it would look adorable after your special touch…love it!!!!!

  2. Char says:

    What a beautiful job you’ve done! I love it! Makes me wish we had one. I’m wishing you all a glorious summer with lots of fun.

  3. Kathy Foster says:

    Missy- It’s looking GREAT- just look I knew it would! How fun to be able to use it this summer… You guys have done a wonderful job, and I just love your colors!

  4. Mary says:

    It looks AWESOME!!!!!!! Have fun camping.

  5. Sue says:

    Oh my goodness! I am so loving what you’re doing to this camper! I. Want. One.! I love these things. I’m gonna have to be on the look-out for one to fix up myself even if I just go camping in the back 40! Or in our case…the back 10! LOL

    I don’t blame you for taking the summer to enjoy yourselves. So many bloggers are doing the same thing. Myself included!

    Thanks for posting an update. I’m stoked to see more 😀

    Big hugs!


  6. Jennifer says:

    Oh wow. looks fantastic.

  7. Tammy says:

    Wowzer, it looks fantastic, you’ve done a great job and camping will be a blast this summer. Enjoy and have a fun summer!!

  8. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    This is so VERY cool. I am drooling!! It would be such fun but I don’t think I could get DH involved at this point since we just purchased a retirement place near Traverse City and that is taking all our energy (and $$). But, hope springs eternal!! Great job and love, love, love the colors! Way cool……Flatlander (Linda)

  9. Connie says:

    It’s cool, it’s wonderful, and I love it! Two summers ago I was wishing & hoping to find one these babies to fix up and keep in my back yard as a little playhouse to enjoy (for myself) but never did find one. Nowadays I am unsure if I want to tackle the work but I sure do enjoy seeing yours. Well done!

  10. Jeanne says:

    It’s just too adorable – love seeing the transformation. Have fun camping!!!

  11. Tina says:

    Wow, we are currently redoing a 63 Shasta compact in this same color scheme. How did you cover the door slides on your upper cabinets? I’ve been going back n forth between spray paint and contact paper. The yellow has to go! Looks great and makes me more excited for the future of my camper.

  12. Shasta Man Jim says:

    Hi there, this is the Shasta man Jim that sold you the Shasta. Wow !!! You two are doing a great job restoring it. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Very nice job doing the interior; it looks so cute. I will be watching your progress. Be prepaired to have your picture taken everywhere you go camping with it. You will be the talk of the camp ground where ever you camp.again all I can say so far is ” AWESOME”

  13. Erin says:

    Y’all have done an amazing job! I’m ready to move in 🙂 It’s a dream of mine to have one of these someday!

  14. Shasta Man Jim says:

    Melissa, Call me, I found your wings, I will give you first chance to buy them, 616-301-7985 thx Jim

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