Rustic fall craft idea…Early Drying Board.

I puttered around crafting yesterday,  creating some new fall arrangements for the homestead.

Today I wanted to share this easy idea with you.

I’m calling it an Early Drying Board even though I know the drieds need to hang upside down to dry.

But it’s my craft world so …whatever goes in my craft world. LOL

What you need:

1. A piece of old barn wood or scrap wood.

  ( I literally picked mine off an old abandoned barn.  I saw it hanging there and whipped my car over and jumped out and grabbed it! Don’t tell on me!)

2.  A piece of burlap to fit your board. (1/2 yard should be plenty)

3. Feathers, cattails, flowers, weeds, etc.   The dried real thing or faux, whichever you prefer.

4. 4 upholstery tacks.

How to do it:

1.  Don’t clean off your wood the grungier the better! LOL

2. Measure the width of your board and cut your burlap about 1 inch less.

Cut with the fabric on the fold so that you only have to sew up the sides to make a pouch.

3.  Decide how long you want your pouch to be.

This will depend on how long your board is, so  eye ball it then cut your burlap adding 1/2 inch for turning under.

4. Press the top raw edges down 1/2 inch.

5. Sew using 1/2 seam allowance on both sides, back-stitching at the ends to secure.

6. Turn inside out and press.

7. Tack the burlap pouch to the board using upholstery tacks in all four corners.

8. Stuff your pouch with lovelies from the fall harvest.

I’m going to find a spot to hang mine on the wall, but you could drill two holes in the top and thread twine through to make a hanger for a peg board!

Later Gators!



3 comments on “Rustic fall craft idea…Early Drying Board.

  1. Sue says:

    Great idea for a dried flower arrangement. I like that! I think a crafter should be able to do whatever in their craft world too 🙂

    Enjoy Autumn!

  2. love it! great idea!

  3. amandamaggio says:

    That is so neat! I’ve never seen something like that! I love your blog! stopping by from the linkup! 🙂 xoxo

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